Where can you travel after COVID-19 in Europe – top European destinations that are safe(r)

Where can you travel after COVID-19 in Europe – top European destinations that are safe(r)

Summer is here and you are probably thinking: where can you travel after COVID-19 is over in Europe? First of all, COVID-19 is not over yet. At least not in Europe. European countries started carefully opening their borders for international travel and cautiously relaxing lockdown measures. Until WHO declares that the global pandemic is over, we urge you to follow any recommendations of local authorities, whether you are in your home country or abroad.

OK, since we clarified this, let us see which European countries are safe(r) to travel to. We say safer, as there is no country in Europe at the moment that is safe from COVID-19. There are some good contenders for this title, and we will list them now.


Iceland has almost no active cases; as of 10th June, there are 3 active cases only. By the time you are reading this, the country might be already COVID-19 free!

Iceland doesn’t need a special introduction to our readers, we have covered the country in country special, here are trip and hotel offers for Iceland and Reykjavik city spotlight. We highly recommend Iceland, although it is more of a winter destination (being on the Arctic Circle).

Link to Iceland’s COVID-19 info.

UPDATE AS OF 1st AUGUST: Iceland now has 58 active cases.


This island nation is having an ongoing political crisis (for several decades already) and it is the only EU country divided, but they did well during the pandemic. The government deployed strict measures and the population followed the rules (mostly) and the spread of disease was contained. They reopened airports on 9th June and they are ready to receive tourists, however cautiously and with ongoing measures.

Cyprus is one of the top European summer destinations, together with Greece and Spain. COVID or not, it is worth visiting. We will prepare the country spotlight once we have enough information.

Link to Cyprus’ COVID-19 info.

UPDATE AS OF 1st AUGUST: Cyprus now has 243 active cases. The government has reimposed some measures, such as wearing masks, social distancing, and limit of the number of people in closed spaces.


The former Yugoslav Republic has pledged to become a tourist paradise and they are doing a great job so far. This tiny country (something over 620 K, similar to the city of Las Vegas) has an amazing shoreline, breathtaking mountains, and easy access from within Europe. It is officially COVID-19 free and has recorded very few cases in general.

Link to Montenegro’s COVID-19 info.

UPDATE AS OF 1st AUGUST: Montenegro now has more than 2,000 active cases, which is a lot for such a small country.

8-Day Balkan In-Depth Tour from Dubrovnik w/ Montenegro


Another country that came out of former Yugoslavia, Croatia, is a tourist destination of choice for many Europeans and especially Germans. Its long and beautiful coast and many exotic islands are the places to visit, especially during the summer. The country is part of the EU and it has greatly developed the infrastructure and tourism sector in general.

Croatia had less than 2.5 K cases and currently has very few active ones – 13.

Link to Croatia’s COVID-19 info.

UPDATE AS OF 1st AUGUST: Croatia has 738 active cases. Further measures are in place.

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Slovakia is a country that you should visit regardless of our COVID-19 list recommendation. It has many things to offer and with its central location in Europe, it can be a great starting point from where you can explore the continent. Slovakia had very few cases (less than 1,600) and with only 101 active ones, it is very safe to go visit.

Link to Slovakia’s COVID-19 info.

UPDATE AS OF 1st AUGUST: Slovakia now has 566 active cases.


COVID-19 is not over yet, at least not in Europe, so please, follow the rules and be cautious. If you need to travel (for fun or business), please be careful and follow the host country’s regulations regarding pandemic measures. We listed few countries that are safer in this area, but that doesn’t mean the situation can change (for better or for worse). Safe travels!

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