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Why travel?

Many people travel because they have to. Mostly because of their jobs or some personal situation, but in order to really enjoy traveling you need to travel when you want to, and because you want to, and not because you have to travel.

It's like with everything in life - if you're forced to do something, you will not like it. The same goes with travel – if you really want to travel, you will certainly enjoy it.

But why travel at all?

First and foremost, the reason for travel should be a learning experience. Even if you are not planning to learn anything during your travels, you will.

You'll learn about new destinations, new countries, new cities, famous attractions and landmarks and most importantly, learn about people. You will learn about peoples’ lives, their customs, habits, cuisine, environment, etc, and this will be very exciting.

After learning about different cultures, you will enjoy travelling even more and will look forward for your next trip. And maybe one day you will feel wanderlust, something that every real traveler feels all the time. It’s a great feeling with one single question: where to go next?

But, don't worry, wanderlust is not a bad feeling, just a permanent desire to explore and learn more and by traveling more wanderlust becomes even stronger. It's a strange but a wonderful feeling. We hope you experience it soon (if you didn't experience it already).

The second, and equally important reason for traveling is: a need to reset your life and take a break. And by taking a break, we mean really taking a break, not just doing what you are doing every day, just in a different location. Once you travel away, you are not anymore an accountant, a doctor, a mother or a father, you are simply a traveler, a tourist, a wanderer. If you set your mind like that, you will disconnect from your everyday life and get proper break.

Whatever the reason for your travel will be, we are here to inspire you, guide you, and hopefully entertain you on your quests for quenching your wanderlust and taking your break from everyday life.

How to travel?

This sounds like a question that could be answered with a common sense – ‘buy a ticket and go’, but it is not that simple.

You need first to dream about your destination, in so called ‘I want to get away’ step. This is where all the travel inspiration will come, and this is actually very fun and exciting part of the journey. And remember learning experience we mentioned? It has already started!

Next, it’s time to plan your journey as we assume you decided on your destination in a previous step. This will involve looking for dates, best time to fly, best hotels to stay, best things to do at the destination of your choice. This is step two – planning step.

Once everything is aligned, you are ready to book your trip, you book your flight, accommodation, tours, attraction tickets, car rentals, airport transfer, you name it. This is step three – booking step.

And finally, step four – the actual trip. This is where you will experience what you were researching planning and booking during previous steps. This is ‘experiencing step’.

Each of the steps above are equally exciting and they are blended together in your unique travel experience. We hope our website will be helpful along the way.

We wish you safe travels!

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