Interlaken Travel Guide

As one of the oldest and best-known travel destinations in all of Switzerland, Interlaken has some fantastic things going for it. Tourists first began visiting the city in the seventeenth century, and since then, the town has flourished to become the most prominent tourist center in the Bernese Oberland.

There is no shortage of travel options when visiting Interlaken, from boat rides on one of the two lakes to funicular railways that traverse the surrounding peaks. No matter what you look for in a destination, Interlaken will not disappoint.

Interlaken travel Guide - main boulevard

Night or day, you will find something to keep you entertained on a visit to this fantastic Swiss city. There is no end of activities on offer for active travelers. Mountain climbing, biking, watersports, swimming, and even horseback riding are all available nearby. Pubs and restaurants in the region serve up some of the finest cuisines you will ever eat, and of course, no Swiss visit would be complete without chocolate.

Above all, Interlaken is an excellent base for exploring this region of Switzerland. Day trips and activities are easily accessible at the drop of a hat.

Things to do in Interlaken

Visit Harder Klum. This lookout point sits over thirteen hundred meters above sea level. To get there, you ride a funicular railway up the harder at a gradient of over sixty-four percent. The ride is steep, but the views are worth it. There is a spectacular view of the lakes and Interlaken itself.

At the top, there is an art nouveau-style restaurant that offers panoramic views over the entire area. Ride the funicular back down or make your descent via the forest paths and discover impressive lookout points on your way down.

Schynige Platt Trails is another spectacular site on offer when visiting Interlaken. The trails are accessible by a rack railroad carrying passengers to the trails since its opening in 1893. The rail journey is a one-hour-long ride that takes you through ever-changing and breathtaking alpine scenes. But it is the view from the top that is the real showstopper.

Interlaken - Schynige Platt Trails

From here, you can take in the full glory of The Alps. Peak after peak lies before you. These include Elgar, Monch, and Jungfrau, while the beauty of Lake Thun breaks up the snowcapped mountains.

The views from the trails are no less spectacular. The easiest of the trails is the forty-five 45-minute hike to Daube Viewpoint. Take a picnic and savor the moment as you gaze upon snow-capped peaks and the crystal-clear lake far below the viewpoint.

The Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO world heritage site sits in the middle of the Interlaken region. The Aletsch Glacier is the largest in the Alps and is part of the UNESCO heritage site. It houses the magical ice palace that is carved into the glacier itself.

St Beatus Caves and waterfalls are a great day out in Interlaken, especially if you have children with you. The caves are well-lit and spacious enough for most people to fit through without ducking too often.

Around 1km of walkways lead through the passageways of the hillside caves. Legend has it that a dragon took shelter here before being slain by Monk Beatus. It is the geology in the caves that is the real star of the show. Mirror lakes, underground waterfalls, and stalagmites make the caves a lovely day out.

Wandering through the mountain towns in the Interlaken region is one of the most fun ways to pass the time here. When exploring these towns, you have to take in Gimmelwald. It is the cutest little town in the mountains and is filled with wooden mountain ski chalets. Gimmelwald is entirely traffic-free and is the epitome of all that is the Alps.

Interlaken - Gimmelwald

Take a walk along the river Aare in Interlaken itself. The picture-perfect aquamarine river joins the two lakes on either side of the town. Take a tranquil walk from Lake Thun to Lake Brienz and stop for a liqueur coffee along the way for a pick-me-up.

Panoramaweg Hike is a popular two-hour hike from Interlaken and is suitable for able walkers. As the name suggests, there are many beautiful panoramas along the way to the top.

Hohematte Park in the heart of Interlaken is a beautiful spot that once belonged to an Augustine Convent. In the late eighteen-sixties, it was acquired by a group of 37 hotel owners. The fourteen hectares of open natural beauty were preserved as open space.

Through its length, there is a beautiful avenue that connects the east and west railway stations. It is surrounded by flower beds and hotels and has a beautiful view of Jungfrau. The Victoria Jungfrau hotel sits within the park and is a landmark in itself.

There is a theatre, cafe, Japanese garden, a flower clock, and an ice rink. The park offers to hang gliding for the more adventurous, and for those who prefer relaxation, there are horse-drawn carriage rides available.

Best lakes in Switzerland - Lake Thun

Take a cruise on Lake Thun. The beautiful narrow lake offers cruises year-round, and they have a beautifully restored paddle steamer for the journey. On the western end of the lake, you can stop in Thun and visit the medieval castle. The keep impressively overlooks the lake and dates back to 1191. Today it is a historical museum that houses suits of armor and prehistoric and Roman artifacts.

If you like water activities, you can rent a kayak, boat, or pedalo on Lake Brienz. The lake is popular with boaters and watersports enthusiasts. You can kayak across the lake to visit some of the medieval towns on the wooded shores.

In conclusion, there is a reason Interlaken is the most popular region in all of Switzerland. With so much on offer and steeped in natural beauty make Interlaken a top bucket list destination. There is so much to do and see that can keep busy for days. Not to mention non-stop amazing photo opportunities on every step and especially with wonderful nature. Safe travels and see you soon!

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