Destination Switzerland

Destination Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its breathtaking mountain landscapes and scenic lakes dotted with picturesque villages that can host a story of a fairy tale without much trouble. Production of chocolate, cheese and watches is something Swiss are very proud of and they became synonyms with quality in those industries.

But, there is much more than that. This small European country is also well known for its neutrality (Switzerland was not in a war for centuries), banking sector (one of the world’s financial hubs), Switzerland is founder of Red Cross, and is a host of diplomatic and international community in Geneva, among others. So, if you don’t visit as a tourist, you might go there for work!

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Switzerland is also very diverse country – there are four languages spoken throughout the country within various communities spread out in Swiss cantons, and almost every fourth inhabitant is a foreign national, which makes it a country with highest percentage of expats. Such diversity comes with very organized and affluent way of life – Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. But, don’t worry, we always have some travel offers to get you covered! Enjoy!

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Activity: Aquatic

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