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This is a brief outline about website’s functionality and structure. Our website doesn’t have any interactive content, such as registration, accounts, etc (yet) and it is straightforward.

You can use this website the same way you use any online portal, simply by navigating through pages. If you are not sure where to go next, you can navigate from the menu on the top.

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Website structure is divided into two main segments: locations and categories. Locations include all countries, cities, and places around the world, from the largest ones until the smallest. Categories include all types of points of interests that are related to the specific location. For an example, location can be San Diego, US, and categories can be hotels, activities, attractions and restaurants in San Diego. Simple, isn’t it?

How to navigate this website?

The best way to navigate this website is through navigation menus or through search function. If you are navigating through menus, you will be able to move between locations and categories, as explained in previous paragraph. If you are using Search option, just type keyword you are interested in and click on search. You can also narrow your results by locations or categories.