Category: Activities

Various activities you can do during your travels: biking, hiking, sightseeing, shopping, etc. These activities are part of the tour or standalone activities you can do.


Aquatic activities, including boat rides, snorkelig, swimming and diving.


A biking activity is when you ride a bike and enjoy this healthy way of learning about new places. There are various tours, mostly through cities, and some through the countryside. More cycling activities are being added regularly.

Cooking classes

Cooking classes, to learn new authentic recipes straight from the origins. And, in the end, to try your own made food!

Cultural Experience

Enjoy Cultural Experience through different cultures with guided tours. Learn about new destinations from different angle, by exposing yourself to cultural experiences. More trips offers of this type are added regularly, so please check this page often.


Hiking activities, through various terrains and hiking trails, and national parks. Ideal for active travelers who want to experience the destination while staying physically active and mobile.


Shopping activities, either as a self guided activity or as a guided shopping tour. Shopping malls, famous shopping streets or outlets of your choice.


Sightseeing activity; visit interesting places around the world and enjoy famous landmarks, monuments, architecture, and more! More activities are added here regularly.


Walking activity, either as a part of a tour or as a regular activity.

Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a sophisticated and refined practice that allows individuals to engage all their senses in appreciating the complexities of different wines. The process typically involves observing the color, clarity, and viscosity of the wine before swirling it in the glass to release its aromas. Upon inhaling deeply, tasters can detect various sc…


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