Americas includes all destinations in North, South and Central America, including Caribbean. There are total of 55 countries and territories with combined population of 1 billion people.

The largest countries in Americas include USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Canada.

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6 day trips, ideal for in-depth exploration of the area or dynamic excursion across the country (or across several countries). Ideal for holiday packages.

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7 day trips, give you opportunity to really immerse into local culture and explore multiple locations and attractions in one go.

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8 day trips are designed for in depth sightseeing and various holiday packages. Most of them are full vacation packages.

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9 day trips are packed with attractions, sightseeing and activities. Most of them are full vacation packages.

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Activity: Rafting

Activity: Rafting

Rafting, white water rafting, canoeing activity. Ideal for active travelers who want to experience destination while staying physically active and mobile.





Activity: Zip-lining

Activity: Zip-lining

Exciting activity of zip-lining for adventure and thrill seekers. Experience zip-lining in various locations around the world. More activities of this type coming soon!