10-Day Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai Tour by Air and Bullet Train


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Travel to China and visit the most famous cities and attractions in China at the best price. Make the most of a multi-day private tour of China’s most popular destinations without having to worry about the details.

The Great Wall of China, the Terra Cotta Army, the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and Zhujiajiao Water Town are all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. On this 10-day tour, you’ll get to see the best of Beijing without any of the fuss. All-inclusive airport pickup and drop-off

10-Day Beijing, Xi’an & Shanghai Tour by Air & Bullet Train


  • Take a day trip to the Great Wall of China
  • Discover the unique Xi’an Terracotta Army
  • Explore the cultural beauty that is Shanghai

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Day 1 Shanghai: Shanghai Pudong Airport and Shanghai Hotel


Your friendly driver will pick you up from Shanghai Pudong Airport. then you will be transferred to your lovely Shanghai Hotel.

Day 2 Shanghai: The Bund, Yu Garden, Xintiandi, and Jade Buddha Temple

The Bund

Your friendly tour guide will meet you at 9:00 am. Then you will be transferred to the Bund. Enjoy the stunning skyline of Shanghai. Passing through the beautiful landmarks such as Fairmont Peace Hotel, HSBC building…etc. Sample a local delicacy Shanghai Pan-fried buns or Shanghai noodles. Then enjoy a lovely ferry ride across Huangpu River with a cool breeze.

Yu Garden (Yuyuan)

Visit the most beautiful Yu Garden in Shanghai Old City, Please feel free to get all your goodies at Yuyuan Bazar. It is a lovely place to shop as well. Yu Garden means Garden of Happiness. It was built in Ming Dynasty with over 450 years of history. It is an extensive Chinese garden with a charming fish pond, Taihu rock hills, pavilions, bonsai, and traditional architecture.


After lunch, explore the most trendy area of Shanghai Xintiandi, there are full of bars, and restaurants. It is the birthplace of the communist party.

Shikumen Museum

Shanghai Shikumen Museum is a well-preserved townhouse. It shows the real residential house in the 1920s. Its decor is for a middle-class family in Shanghai. A glimpse into the past.

Jade Buddha Temple

At last visit the Jade Buddha Temple or option of Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum. Jade Buddha Temple is a Buddhist Temple in Shanghai. It was founded in Qing Dynasty (1882) and is well known for the two jade Buddha statues imported to Shanghai from Myanmar by sea. the most popular temple for locals praying for buddha and enjoying vegan food. At the end of your tour, your tour guide will transfer you back to your hotel.

Day 3 Shanghai: Zhujiajiao Water Town and Shanghai Tower

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

Your friendly tour guide will meet you at 9:00 am in your hotel lobby. Head up to the charming Zhujiajiaoi Watertown in the afternoon. Enjoy the peaceful ancient town surrounded by lovely ancient houses, rivers, gardens, streets, and bridges. It is well known as the oriental Venice. or Even try the bamboo gondolier ride along the grand canal.

Shanghai Tower

Savor a delightful lunch, then visit the world’s second-tallest building. Shanghai Tower. It was designed by the American architectural firm Gensler. Admire the stunning views of Shanghai. then, Riverside promenade. At the end of the tour, your tour guide will transfer you back to your lovely hotel

Day 4 Shanghai: Fuxing Park, Tianzifang, Former French Concession, and Shanghai Museum

Fuxing Park

Your friendly tour guide will meet you at 9:00 am. Then you will be transferred to Fuxing Park. Fuxing Park is one of the most famous landmarks in the Former French Concession of Shanghai. It was once the largest park in Shanghai. It is designed in French Style with a beautiful lake, fountains, covered with pavilions, and flowerbeds. Early Morning, the park fills with ballroom dancers, card players, mahjong fans, badminton lovers, and Tai chi people.


The French concession area of shanghai is a quirky collection of shops and bars on some very narrow streets. It had a vibe similar to London’s Camden or Greenwich Village in New York. . Charming mix of small shops with art crafts, galleries, glasses, and silver jewelry. An outdoor shopping paradise with a traditional look. At the end of the tour, your tour guide will transfer you back to your lovely hotel.

Former French Concession

Savor a delightful lunch at the Former French Concession. You will learn the colonial era’s history from 1849 till 1943 at an area of 66 hectares (163.09acres)

Shanghai Museum (Shanghai Bowuguan)

Continue your tour to Shanghai Museum. One of the best museums in the world. It exhibits stunning bronze ware, porcelain, jade, and art. Ancient Coins, Furniture, Traditional Ethnic Costumes..etc

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Day 5 Xi’an: City Wall, Muslim Quarter, and Big Mosque

Muslim Quarter

Your friendly Shanghai driver will transfer you to Shanghai Airport in the morning. Guests book flights and Xian hotel on their own. Your Xi’an Tour guide will pick you up from Xi’an Xianyang Airport, then you will be transferred to Muslim Quarter. stroll through Xi’an Muslim Quarter.

It is a large Muslim area in Xi’an City. The Muslim population living in the quarter was about 33,000 people. It is well known for its food. There are tons of restaurants, food stores, souvenirs …etc. If you find something you like, please your tour guide help you bargain with local vendors. your guide is your shopping guru too.

The Big Mosque

Savor a delightful Xi’an Style Lunch, Continue your tour to the Big Mosque. The Big Mosque is the largest Mosque in China. It was constructed in Ming Dynasty. An active place of worship within Xi’an Muslim Quarter.

Xi’an City Wall (Chongqing)

Then, visit the Xi’an City Wall. Xi’an City Wall is the largest and best-preserved city wall in China. It is 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) You can spend 20 minutes walking along the city wall to enjoy the charming south gate or you can rent a bike ride for half hour on the city wall.

You can experience biking or golf car or walk, (Golf car/Bike rental at your own expense), It depends on your personal preference. Please do make sure you are careful enough for every step as it is very steep. At the end of the tour, your tour guide will transfer you back to your lovely Xi’an hotel.

Day 6 Xi’an: Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Terra Cotta Army

Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayanta)

Your friendly tour guide will meet you at 9:00 am in your hotel lobby. Then you will be transferred to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Dayanta), Another UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a Buddhist pagoda that was built in 652 A.D. during the Tang dynasty. It is the symbol of the old-line Xi’an. It was functioned to collect Buddhist materials that were taken from India by the hierarch Xuanzang. Please Feel free to climb up those seven stories pagodas with about 150 stairs.

The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

Then head to the Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses, Qinling North Road, Lintong District, Xi’an 710600 China. Terra Cotta Army is considered the no.8 ancient wonder in the world. The UNESCO world heritage. It is a form of funerary art buried with over 2000 years of history.

You will spend about 2 hours visiting here. Followed by delightful Xi’an-style noodles by the museum or Starbucks cafe. At the end of the tour, your tour guide will transfer you to Xi’an Xianyang Airport and Head to Beijing.


Your friendly Beijing Driver will pick you up from PEK airport. you will be transferred to your lovely Beijing Hotel

Day 7 Beijing: Forbidden City: Tiananmen Square, Lama Temple, and Hutong

Tiananmen Square (Tiananmen Guangchang)

Your friendly private tour guide will meet you at 9:00 am in your hotel lobby. Then You will be transferred to Tiananmen Square. The largest city plaza in the world. Learning the revolutionary period of history. Stroll along the Tiananmen Square(Tiananmen Guangchang), Admire the Great Hall of the People (Renmin Dahuitang), National Museum Of China, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall (Maozhuxi Jiniangtang), Monument of the People’s Heroes, and Gate of Heavenly Peace (Tian’an Men).


Chairman Mao declared the Founding of China in 1949. That is where the Chinese President gave a presentation during the National Holiday on Oct1.

Forbidden City-The Palace Museum

10-Day Private China Tour: Shanghai, Xi'an and Beijing

Visit the 600 years old place, The Forbidden city-The Palace Museum. Forbidden City, the largest Imperial Palace in the world. The world UNESCO Heritage. It used the Royal Palace for 24 emperors from Ming and Qing Dynasties. Enjoy the Hall of Great Supremacy (Taihe Dian), Hall of Middle Harmony (Zhonghe Dian), Hall of Preserving Harmony (Baohedian), Palace of Heavenly Purity, Chuxiu Palace, Turret of The Palace Museum, The Imperial Garden of The Palace Museum and Meridian Gate (Wumen).

Please watch the movie of “The last emperor” before you head to Beijing. you will spend about 2 hours here. Listen to countless old stories from your tour guide. Get to know Palace at your own pace.

Lama Temple (Yonghegong)

Savor a delightful Beijing Style lunch, then visit Lama Temple, A lovely Buddhism Temple with a 260-year history. The locals go there to pray for harmony, peace, and health. The last hall contains the giant buddha of Beijing with a height of 26 meters.

Yandai Xie Street

Beijing’s oldest commercial street, It is lined with traditional-style stone buildings that house charming souvenir and handicraft shops

Back Lakes (Hou Hai)

This area of Beijing contains some of the most extensive old hutong neighborhoods and the three lakes of Xihai, Houhai, and Qianhai. The most hippy area for people enjoys the nightlife. At the end of the tour, your tour guide will transfer you back to your lovely hotel

Day 8 Beijing: Great Wall Mutianyu, Ming Tombs, and Stone Animal

Mutianyu Great Wall

Your friendly tour guide will meet you at 8:00 am in your hotel lobby. Then you will be transferred to Mutianyu Great Wall. The Mutianyu Great Wall is one of the best-preserved and No.1 rated sites in Beijing. this section of the Great Wall is the most beloved Great Wall in China by families and hikers but fewer people. It offers breathtaking views of mountainous, orchards and villages.

You will spend about 2.5 hours wandering around and hiking on the Great Wall leisurely. Listen to innumerable stories of this amazing wonder of the world from your private guide. Enjoy cable car up and cable car down from the Great Wall or with an exciting option of tobogganing down from the Great Wall of China. An unforgettable experience perfects both for adults and kids.

Ming Tombs (Ming Shishan Ling)

Savor a delightful Beijing-style lunch. Head to the Royal Tombs for Ming Dynasty emperors’ families. You will visit Zhudi Emperors Tomb, Changling. It is considered the largest & best-preserved Tomb of the Ming family.

Stone Animal

Nice Stone Carvings with over 500 years of history. This is the sacred way the site of burial vaults of the emperors. Emperors are guarded by their soldiers and generals as well as the camels, elephants, unicorns, horses, and lions. At the end of the tour, your tour guide will transfer you back to your lovely hotel.

Day 9 Beijing: Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace

Temple of Heaven

Your friendly tour guide will meet you at 9:00 am. Then you will be transferred to the Temple of Heaven. Visit the Hall of Praying for God of Heaven, emperors used to pray for God of Heaven to obtain blessings for his family and people. There are lots of local Beijingners playing cards, exercising, Taichi, Yoga, dancing, and gymnastics.

Summer Palace (Yiheyuan)

Savor a tasty Beijing Style lunch. Head to the most beautiful Royal garden in Beijing, Summer Palace. Summer Palace is a summer resort for Imperial Family Members, Learn about the most powerful female in Chinese history. The empress Dowager CiXi. People named her Dragon Lady. Stroll along the Kunming Lake and Long Corridor at the Summer Palace. Enjoy the Hall of Benevolence and Longevity and Tower of Buddhist Incense (Summer Palace). If the weather is running, enjoy dragon a lovely dragon boat ride across the Kunming Lake if the boat is running

Tower of Buddhist Incense (Summer Palace)

A Buddhism Temple for Emperor’s Mother, It is also a birthday celebration for Empress Dowager CiXi. When you are on the top you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the entire Kunming Lake

Long Corridor at the Summer Palace

Enjoy the Longest corridor in the world with beautiful art along Kunming Lake. At the end of the tour, your tour guide will transfer you back to your lovely hotel.

Day 10 Beijing: PEK Airport


Your friendly driver will transfer you to PEK Airport
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