How to protect your travel documents?

How to protect your travel documents

Your travel documents, such as passports, IDs and visas are essential for your travel and especially if you are travelling abroad. Having passport/national ID will enable to cross country borders, register at the hotel, rent a car (this will require valid driver’s license as well) and do several other activities that require identification.

How to find cheapest airline tickets and travel smart – a 2020 guide

How to find cheapest airline tickets and travel smart - a 2020 guide

How to find cheapest airline tickets and travel smart – a 2020 guide. We all love to find cheapest airline tickets, as money saved there can be used for some other fun stuff while we are on holidays. But there is a problem: airlines, online flight search engines, travel agencies and anybody else in between, are trying to maximize their profit and to sell you ALL the tickets at the HIGHEST price. This is not a bad thing by definition, it is how travel business model is working in current economy.

How will we travel after COVID-19 pandemic is over – travel tips

Travel tips for after COVID-19 pandemics

Coronavirus, or as it is officially named by the WHO, COVID-19, has created a havoc in almost every corner of the world. Tens of thousands of people died, infection rate will reach two million in no time, entire countries (and regions) are in a lockdown, many industries are at standstill, millions are being laid off and global economic outlook is gloomy, to say at least.

Most interesting virtual tours and live feeds from around the world

Most interesting virtual tours and live streams from around the world

It’s a beginning of April, 2020, and usually the time when Easter break travel preparations are deep underway, but not this April. The world is in a horrendous agony of COVID-19 pandemics and travel is the last thing that one should think of now. In most countries, even going to the nearby supermarket can be challenging and straight up dangerous, especially for the most critical demographics – elderly and persons with underlying health condition.

Virtual museum and sightseeing tours of Vienna

Virtual Tour

With all the insane situation with pandemic caused by COVID-19, people are getting increasingly stressed by staying at home in self isolation or straight up quarantine. Travel plans are being cancelled, and for a good reason – this virus is not something to be taken lightly. We urge our customers and fans to stay home safe and do not travel while current situation last and we try to publish as much travel information as possible.

Moving around Vienna: underground, trams, buses and more

Moving around Vienna underground, trams, buses and more

Vienna is an exciting city with so many things to do and see. It will take average visitor several days or even weeks to explore it fully. If you are visiting Vienna individually, without organized group through travel agency, it will be very useful to know how to move around the city and see as many attractions as you possibly can. Vienna has several means of transport available and here are our recommendations and tips.