5 European Snowboarding destinations

5 European Snowboarding destinations

As the winter season approaches, people pack up their traveling kits and most of them generally go off to places that offer temperate climates. However, there are some people who just love the winter season and the snow associated with it.

These groups of people travel far and wide in search of the ideal snowboarding locations across the world. Though there are some exotic snowboarding locales in various parts of the world, it makes sense for Americans to travel to locations in Europe.

Here are five European snowboarding destinations for all budgets:

Switzerland: Few can question the beauty of the Alps. The facilities this country has to offer for tourists interested in snowboarding can only be described as superb. There are many excellent resorts where one can find rates to suit all budgets. Friendly people and well-organized tourist offices make this place the queen of snowboarding resorts. The snowboarding locations are well connected by an efficient transportation system.

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Austria: Enjoy the beauty of chalet villages when you visit Austria, a country that is a beautiful mixture of both modern and old-world charm. Austria also shares the beauty of the Alps with Switzerland, making it an ideal spot for those interested in snowboarding. Tourists can find various accommodations across different price ranges. Tourists can snowboard during the day and enjoy the exceptional nightlife and ambiance that is in Austria.

Spain: The Pyrenees, situated in the north of Spain, provide an ideal spot for those interested in snowboarding. Excellent snow conditions and the fascinating cultures of Spain make this one of the most preferred snowboarding locations across Europe. One can find hotels that are comfortable and affordable.

France: Few people know that France is a popular snowboarding locale, but those who have viewed the 1992 Olympics will no doubt remember the areas where the Skiing events were held. The development of skiing and snowboarding has been shared by resorts like Megeve and Chamonix. The locations of the snowboarding resorts in this country are such that once you step out of the door, you are on the slopes ready for snowboarding.

Italy: Italy is yet another country that is fast becoming the preferred choice among snowboarding enthusiasts. It is the place you should visit if you are serious about high altitude snowboarding. Some of the world’s most spectacular mountain ranges can be found in this country, making it the ideal location for snowboarding.

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