9 Visitors’ Mistakes that Might Land You In Trouble While Traveling to the USA

Mistakes that Might Land You In Trouble While Traveling to the USA

Who does not love traveling, especially international travel to a country like the USA, the dream of many? With so many breathtaking scenarios, plenty of fantastic places to visit, hot dogs, Hollywood, tech innovations, and whatnot, the US is indeed a charmer. No wonder the country witnesses millions of footfalls from across the globe every year.

Are you also heading to the USA this time? Wow! It’s great! But, be careful. When it comes to traveling to a foreign county, the entire procedure can get time-consuming and tiring. Also, the chances of making travel mistakes are pretty much there. Although you may fix some issues casually without much hassle, some may land you in trouble.

Here we have rounded up some frequent mistakes that most international travelers are likely to make and how you can keep them at bay. So, let’s read on!

Mistake #1 Not checking passport validity

To visit most foreign countries, including the USA, you need a valid passport. It is a universal fact. Almost everyone knows it. However, many countries require that your passport be valid for a minimum of six months beyond your expected stay in the country. If you intend to pass through the customs with a soon-to-expire document, you may not be allowed to travel.

Pro-tip: Make sure to check the rules and regulations related to the passport for both your destination and home country in advance.

Check passport validity
Check passport validity

Mistake # 2 Not applying for a visa in advance

After a passport, the visa is another vital document that you need to visit the U.S. Most importantly, the process of getting a U.S. visa can be lengthy, document-intensive, and take a lot of time. And, how can you forget about the multiple visits and talks with the U.S. consulate or embassy? To your surprise, the entire procedure may also take a few weeks to several months.

Pro-tip: Make sure to apply for a visa way ahead of your intended travel date to the United States of America.

Mistake # 3 Booking flights with close timelines

The distance of many countries from the U.S. is too long. So is the travel time. Therefore, traveling to this country is most likely to involve travel breaks and connecting flights. So, booking connections with tight timelines means nothing but an unnecessary risk. The reasons? There could be any mishap on the way, such as flight delay, bad weather, health emergency, etc., at any point in time. Therefore, you should have ample time in your hand to catch your next flight rather than racing against time. Isn’t it?

Pro-tip: Make sure not to book connecting flights with tight timelines. It will help you travel with peace of mind.

Mistake # 4 Not buying visitor insurance

Many travelers do not pay much attention to getting Visitor Health Insurance or travel medical insurance because they fail to understand its importance. But, have you ever thought – what if you met with an accident or fall ill in a foreign country? Needless to mention but the cost of getting quality healthcare in America is very high. And if you do not have adequate insurance coverage, paying out of pocket can be an expensive deal for you.

Pro-tip: Visit a reliable insurance broking platform, compare and buy Health Insurance for Visitors in USA from leading insurance companies, and have your back covered. This type of insurance policy protects you from shelling out a fortune to get healthcare services in the U.S. It offers financial aid in case of illnesses and accidents and covers flight cancellations, travel delays, loss of passport, and other crucial scenarios.

Don't forget travel adapters
Don’t forget travel adapters

Mistake # 5 Ignoring travel adapters

Power plugs standard to your native country might not match with the USA’s regulations. (Wink) It will not, for sure. The reason is that different countries have different electrical plugs and voltage requirements. For example, 110 volts is the standard in the U.S., unlike many countries (220 Volts). Also, the former uses Plug Types A & B.

Pro-tip: If you are traveling from India, where Plug Types C, D, & M are prevalent, it is crucial to take the correct power adapters and voltage converters.

Mistake # 6 Not packing appropriately

There is nothing called bad weather conditions. It is about improper clothing. This notion stands absolutely true when it comes to packing for a journey. Therefore, all you need to do is – pack well while sticking to the airline norms.

Pro-tip: When you have the right clothes and accessories suitable for the place or season you intend to visit, you will be comfortable no matter what.

Mistake # 7 Not changing currency in the right place

Traveling to a foreign country like the U.S. is anyway quite expensive. However, it can become even pricier when it is time for currency conversion. Most people overlook doing their homework on which is the right place to get the exchange done and fall prey to a high conversion rate.

Pro-tip: Make sure to do currency exchange at a verified exchange kiosk and avoid doing it at the airport as it could get super expensive.

Mistake # 8 Not calling your bank

Owing to the increasing cases of fraud and credit card theft, many banking facilities have their mechanism to track your spending behavior and track irregularities. So, if you do not inform your bank that you will be in the U.S. from this to this period and you make a transaction in the country, your bank might block your card or freeze your account, considering it an anomaly. And, getting it back on track could be a real feat.

Pro-tip: Do remember to inform your bank about where and for how long you will be traveling. It will help you avoid unnecessary hassle.

Change your currency at the right place
Change your currency at the right place

Mistake # 9 Not getting a suitable voice and data plan

Most people, when traveling abroad, forget about buying suitable cell phone plans. It might land them in rough waters with no access to voice or data in their mobile phones.

Pro-tip: Activate international roaming for data and voice in your phone before traveling. You may also consider buying a new SIM card.


Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy a happy, safe, and hassle-free trip to the U.S. Always remember that Medical Insurance for Visitors to the USA is a must! Keep all the pro tips in mind so you can have a nice and enjoyable trip to the United States. Safe travels!

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