5 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling Alone

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Traveling Alone

Do you like to travel alone? Do you use a skateboard to get around while stopping in towns? If you do, the last thing you want is to have something malfunctioning on your board if you are traveling alone. Traveling alone, in general, can be a dangerous pastime if you’re not smart about it. Here are the five mistakes to avoid when you are traveling alone.

1. Don’t Be Left with an Out-of-Commission Skateboard

You wouldn’t use a skateboard for more extensive trips. Still, a skateboard is ideal for getting from place to place when you’re stopped in a particular area. However, prolonged use of a skateboard will ultimately result in having to repair the parts, such as the skateboard bearings. One way to combat this issue is to have a handy kit containing spare parts and the tools you will need to fix them.

2. Don’t Be Left Without Any Money

Let’s say that your emergency repair kit is out of spare parts. No problem. You have money. You’ll stop at the local shop and buy some more skateboard bearings. You get to the register, and to your horror, you left your wallet where you are staying.

Don’t let this happen to you while you are traveling. Always know where your money is, how much you have, and keep it on your person when you leave your resting place. You never know when you may need money, and it is best to keep in on your person when you are out. You never know who has access to your room while you are gone.

3. Don’t Be Left Getting Lost

If you are out and about in an area you are unfamiliar with; there is a chance that you could become lost. With today’s technology, there is no need for this to happen. There are all kinds of travel apps out there that can help you avoid getting lost. You can always opt for an old-fashioned map if you are more old-school. Either way, these tools should reduce the chance of you getting lost.

However, the app does have its advantages over a map. An app is on your phone and can fit snuggly in your pocket. A map, especially a larger one, may need a method of transport. The app would reduce the amount of baggage you need to bring with you. Additionally, an app can be updated much easier with technology. There is no fixing an out-of-date paper map unless you buy another one.

4. Don’t Be Left Without a Place to Stay

Finding a place to stay should be on the top of your traveling checklist. It is absolutely vital to have a place to sleep and store your belongings when traveling. Taking care of this part first should help you avoid any booking issues. Unfortunately, mistakes are a part of life, and they do happen. You may accidentally book the place you’re staying at a day off from when you arrive or some technical problem can occur. In that case, the business should find some way to compensate you.

Be extremely thorough when booking a hotel, motel, Airbnb, or wherever you plan to crash. If you are booking from their website, check to ensure all the information is accurate before checking out. If you are taking care of everything over the phone, run everything over with the representative to confirm that all the details are correct.

Having a checklist on hand of all the travel arrangements needed can help you stay organized and on top of everything. By taking care of all these arrangements early and checking for accuracy, you will have much less stress when it comes time to leave.

5. Don’t Be Left Without Important Belongings

Whether you are traveling out of the country or not, there are certain things that you can’t afford to forget to bring or lose on the trip. For those that leave the country, passports are a necessity. If you limit your wanderlust to inside your own country, identification will still be vital.

Means of identification are essential if you get into trouble while traveling, but what other crucial things could you forget? If you have a chronic illness requiring regular medication, you must remember to pack a reasonable supply. The same goes for clothes and toiletries. The amount of this will depend on the length of your stay.


The bottom line is that there is a lot to consider when traveling. Traveling can already be dangerous when going alone, and that was before Covid. There are so many other things to add to the list of concerns since we are still dealing with Covid. The best thing you can do to avoid these traveling mistakes is to make a checklist of everything that needs to be done before leaving day.