5 Low-cost travel destinations to visit this year

5 Low-cost travel destinations to visit this year

The world is filled with several expensive destinations, and affordable ones too. If you feel you are financially buoyant, visiting expensive destinations like Zurich, Abu Dhabi, Grand Cayman, etc., is a great choice. However, if you lack the finances to visit these high-end places, there are some affordable destinations that can offer you the thrills and spills you so desire.

Of course, the cost associated with visiting these destinations can easily fit into your budget. And they boast of features, activities, and locations that can provide you with an experience of a lifetime. Without much ado, let’s look at 5 low-cost travel destinations to visit before the year runs out.

 1. Fiji

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Many of us believe that Pacific Island destinations are filled with high-end resorts, foods, and services.  But, that is not always the case. And the country Fiji is a clear proof. Fiji is an amazing country situated in the South Pacific.

It features over 300 Islands, serene landscapes, pam-line beaches, including magnificent coral reefs with transparent lagoons.

Unlike its expensive counterparts, Fiji is very cheap to visit. That’s not all. The country boasts several pristine beaches, amazing locals, fun-filled activities, tasty seafood, world-famous spas, name it!  So here, you have the opportunity to spend less and enjoy more. Who said you need to visit Paris to have fun?

 2. Central America

If you are an adventure freak. If you love roaming ancient ruins, trekking through the verdant jungle, surfing like there is no tomorrow, and eating delicious meals, you’ll definitely want to visit Central America.

The smaller countries in Central America, including El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Guatemala can fit your budget. Here, you’ll find cheaper hotels, meals, drinks and bus journeys. Mind you, their cheapness doesn’t indicate any form of mediocrity. In fact, most of the hotels in this part of the world are fitted with amazing facilities, beautiful rooms, and friendly staff. Regardless of the country, you decide to visit, there is loads of fun waiting for you.

3. Thailand

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Thailand is proof that you don’t need to have a fat bank account to visit glamorous places. This country—which is regarded as one of the most visited tourist destinations worldwide—has what it takes to excite you and leave you stunned. But why is Thailand on this list?

There are several reasons, such as the quiet beaches, beautiful temples and scenery, remarkable cuisines, rich history, and interesting archaeological sites. Whether you are looking for a tranquil environment to chill, or a rural adventure, Thailand is the place to visit.  However, if you aren’t satisfied with what you see, and you have the money to spend, you can consider treating yourself to a 9-day sail in the glamorous city of Bahamas.  Worthy to note that the Bahamas is deemed one of the most expensive places to visit.

4. Portugal

3 Days with Discover The Wonders of Portugal

Portugal is another exciting place to visit if you don’t want to spend too much on expensive travel destinations. Of course, most people will argue that Portugal has nothing to offer fun-seekers including those looking for an experience of a lifetime.

However, what can we say? Probably these individuals are yet to visit the country, or they are oblivious of the fact that Portugal is home to historic cities, delicious cuisine, natural landscapes, and magnificent beaches. What more can you ask from a place where you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy yourself?

Read more about Portugal here.

5. Cambodia

There are some luxurious destinations that require you to spend big to have tasty meals, enjoy a couple of thrilling activities and have crazy fun. Cambodia isn’t one of those places. But, with a little amount of money, you can still enjoy an experience of a lifetime.

5 Days Cambodia Memorable Journey

Cambodia is home to one of the world’s largest religious buildings ( a huge tourist attraction), which is considered a wonder of the world. That is not all. This small country boasts an incredible amount of history and culture fit for those who’d love to dig into the background of this amazing territory.

For nature lovers, this amazing country has lots in stock for you. Its nature ranges from beautiful National Parks to tranquil Islands.

Aside from the beautiful landscape, tourist attraction, and rich history, Cambodia is well known for its affordability. Transportation, accommodation, etc, are pretty cheap. In fact, if you are frugal and well determined, you can have loads of fun in this place without having to spend lots of money. Why spend thousands of dollars in Dubai when you can spend a few dollars in Cambodia and still have mad fun?


Contrary to what some people believe, you can still have fun and enjoy an experience of a lifetime even without visiting expensive destinations in the world. Thailand, Portugal, Central America, Cambodia, and Fiji are amazing places to visit without having to break the bank or go broke in the name of having fun.