Planning an Unforgettable Family Getaway to Houston? Here’s What to do

Planning an Unforgettable Family Getaway to Houston? Here’s What to do

In these unprecedented times, going for an International vacation might be out of cards. In fact, even an out-of-state trip might make you a bit anxious. But that doesn’t mean you have to carry on with your monotonous life.

If you plan to leave Dallas to rejuvenate yourself, there is no other place better than Houston. It won’t be wrong to say that this city is a fun family destination. Does that sound exciting? And if you have already locked this city as your next travel destination, here’s what you can do here.

But before we move on to the things to do, let’s talk about the basic essentials first.

Essential Things to do Before Landing Houston

Ensure that you book hotel and flight tickets in advance as everyone is looking for a getaway nowadays. Also, if you don’t want to stress about getting to the airport, book yourself a spot at DFW parking online. Doing so will allow you to avoid all the hassles of finding yourself a taxi or a ride to the airport.

Also, don’t forget your masks and sanitizer. Keep a safe distance from others to avoid contracting the virus.

Now let’s move to the place to visit and things to do in Houston!

Visit Space Center

If you come to Houston and don’t see this center, you will miss out on an important thing. It is one of the best interstellar museums of all time. In fact, this is quite an attraction for families since you’ll find the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket here. They also host some live shows here. It is quite a treat to watch.

Houston Space Center
Houston Space Center

Spend Some Time at Buffalo Bayou

It was one of the most recognized places because one could move goods through this serpentine river. In today’s time, people use it as a running trail. The breathtaking view of the water is something you must never miss out on. You can even book a kayak and enjoy the waters and the beauty around.

Visit Houston Museum of Natural Science

If you and your kids are interested in natural science, this is the perfect place for you. This place includes exhibitions that cover various topics, including astronomy, American culture, and so on.

It is also home to the Burke Baker Planetarium, where you can enjoy astronomy shows. You can also stop by the Cockrell Butterfly Center. Here you will find beautiful tropical plants and butterflies. And don’t forget to watch educational films in 3D and 4k technology.

Visit Downtown Aquarium

This fantastic six-acre entertainment complex is worth your time. You’ll find more than 200 species of exotic aquatic life here. It’s a great attraction to families. Moreover, you kids can enjoy rides such as Frog Hopper, Aquatic Carousel, and more.

This building caters to adults as well. Here you will find shopping areas, restaurants, and an upscale bar. You can also take out some time to visit the ballroom and exhibits.

Houston aquarium
Houston aquarium

Fast Track Amusements

This is a family entertainment center. If you want to let off some steam and are up for some fun, this is the best place. You’ll find arcade games, golf space, Go-karts, and more. In short, it’s a one-stop place for indoor and outdoor activities.

You can also opt to play Godzilla wars, Wacky Gator Super Speedway, to name a few in this place.

Enjoy Some Old Ghost Stories at La Carafe

This is one of the oldest places in Houston. They have been serving locals for more than a century now. While you might find only wine and beer, you will feel pleased with those jukebox tunes. Shh! You can even look for the old bartender “Carl,” who’s been there waiting for his one final tip.

Does it sound spooky?

Visit the National Museum of Funeral History

While it might sound a bit weird, it is quite an attractive place to visit. Here you will find all the history related to the Pope’s burial. Plus, you can also learn some fantastic insights about Abraham Lincoln’s funeral. Does that appeal to you?

Houston Herman Park
Houston Herman Park

Wrapping Up

Houston is a great place where you will find a variety of places and things to do like the Space Center, vibrant parks, and incredible seafood. Isn’t that why you opted for this city in the first place. Further, you will get a chance to see some rare African sculptures too. And that too with a glass of wine in hand.

Moreover, you’ll get a chance to enjoy the sunset here as well. Also, don’t miss the rainbow-hued mural in this city. It is an amazing Houston souvenir. So, explore this city and create long-lasting memories with your family. And enjoy a fun-filled and exciting family vacation. Just make sure to book your flights, hotels, and parking spots well in advance to avoid any hassle.

So, are you all set to visit Houston?