Lake Myvatn

Lake Myvatn, in Iceland, is part of the Diamond Circle viewing circuit, which also includes stops in Hsavk, Sbyrgi Canyon, and Dettifoss Waterfall. Other sights included on some tours are the Goafoss waterfall and the Hljóaklettar rocks.

The town of Hsavk is known as Europe’s whale-watching center, with many operators boasting a 100% success rate in sightings during the summer. It’s also a charming and colorful little town in its own right, with stunning views across Skjálfandi Bay.

Lake Myvatn Day Tour and Godafoss Waterfall for Cruise Ships from Akureyri Port

Meanwhile, sbyrgi is a rich green forest in a steep, horseshoe-shaped canyon thought to have been formed when one of Odin’s horses, Sleipnir, hit the ground with one of its hoof. The spectacular Hljóaklettar rock formations are nearby, with basalt columns running in every direction.

The Dettifoss waterfall is Europe’s most powerful, crashing down an eerie dark ravine. The Goafoss waterfall is far less strong, but it is noteworthy for its history; it is known as “the waterfall of the gods” since it was here that Icelanders first officially converted to Christianity over a millennium ago.

The Diamond Circle path is completed by the Lake Myvatn region, which is in no way overwhelmed by the other features. Birdwatchers will pleasure in the abundance of wildlife; anglers will delight in the plentiful waters; those seeking leisure can swim in the Nature Baths; and all should be impressed by the size of the lava castle Dimmuborgir.

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