8-Day Best of Argentina Tour: Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Iguazu Falls



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8-Day Best of Argentina Tour: Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Iguazu Falls! On this 8-day guided journey, which includes lodging and airport transfers, embark on an exciting tour of Argentina’s best parts. In Buenos Aires, take a walking tour of the vibrant neighborhoods and see a tango demonstration, visit Mendoza for wine tasting, and see the Aconcagua mountain, South America’s highest point. Finish with a trip to the spectacular Iguazu Drop, which can be seen from both the Argentine and Brazilian sides.

8-Day Best of Argentina Tour: Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Iguazu Falls


  • Tour intriguing Buenos Aires
  • Dine at a fabulous Tango show
  • Explore the charming cultures of Puerto Iguazu and Foz do Iguazu
  • Discover one of the tallest and widest falls in the world from every angle
  • Experience the view from the top of the Devil’s Throat waterfall

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Day 1: Buenos Aires

Welcome to Buenos Aires! The Trip Planner will meet you at the airport and transport you to your hotel. The leviathan metropolis of Buenos Aires, the most interesting of all South American capitals, is one of Argentina’s biggest attractions. It’s a fascinating place to just walk around in, people-watching, shopping, or just taking in the atmosphere. The numerous barrios (neighborhoods) are strikingly different – some are decadently old-fashioned, while others are daringly modern – yet they all exude personality.

Private Tour: Buenos Aires by Night with Optional Dinner

Nightlife, tango, music, football, excellent beef, and the finest local wines are all available in Buenos Aires. Experience an Argentine Dinner Party This evening, you will take part in the Argentina Dinner Experience. The aim of this one-of-a-kind dinner party is to teach you the basics of what it means to be an Argentine while having more fun than you can find anywhere else.

Learn how to use the ‘repulge’ method to close an empanada, how to order steak in Spanish, and how to make your own ‘mate’ cocktail. You will participate in the tradition of cooking an Argentina Asado with the best of Argentina beef while tasting the best of Argentine wines during the experience. This is a social activity that is both entertaining and a perfect way to meet new people.

Day 2: Buenos Aires, private city tour

A private city tour is available. The city tour would be a combination of driving and walking, and it would include all of Buenos Aires’ big sights. We will walk to the park of remembrance from the Flor Generica and Rose gardens. This park is dedicated to the 30,000 Argentines who vanished between 1976 and 1983 as a result of the dictatorship. We’d then travel to Recoleta to see EVA (Evita) Peron’s final resting spot.

Buenos Aires in One Day Six-or-less-people Walking Tour

The plaza San Martin and the Plaza de Mayo will come after that. This plaza has a long tradition, and the plaza de Mayo mothers still march there every Thursday, carrying photos of their missing children and wearing their famous headscarves. The Casa Rosada, where Evita gave her famous balcony speech, is also located here. From there, we’d visit San Telmo and La Boca, as well as the popular Caminito. We’d then proceed to the Theatro Colon and the 9th of July Avenue, which is the world’s largest (18 lanes wide) and quite a sight to behold.

Los Angelitos Dinner Show. Buenos Aires is the Tango capital of the world, and Los Angelitos revels in the nostalgic mood through dance, music, clothes, and poetry. El Cabaret is the vibrant dance of this award-winning performance. It is lively and ethereal. It’s a must-see production with a sparkling live orchestra, great dancers, typical Argentine cuisine, and a fine array of local wines and cocktails. This package includes pick-up and transportation to and from the exhibition.

Day 3: Mendoza

Move from the hotel to the airport in order to catch your flight. The hotel will pick you up from the airport. Argentina’s burgeoning wine industry is centered on Mendoza. Mendoza, at the foot of the Andes, is a modern city built on ancient foundations: it was from here that the Great Liberator General San Martin crossed the Andes to assist in the liberation of Chile.

Mendoza walking tour. Visit Mendoza city

Despite the lack of rainfall, irrigation transforms the surrounding area into a lush green oasis with fruit orchards and vineyards. Mendoza wine tours and tastings are a great way to learn about this globally recognized gourmet province, which is known for its rich Malbec and sublime Cabernet. The world’s highest peak outside the Himalayas looms in the province’s west, culminating in the defiant Aconcagua, whose summit is just a shade under 7000 meters.

Day 4: Wine tour – Mendoza – Valle de Uco

A full-day wine tour. This full-day excursion in Mendoza includes tasting and learning about local wines with a Michelin-trained sommelier. Visit artisan wineries and secret gems off the beaten path with your knowledgeable guide. Sit down for lunch with one of the winemakers and enjoy barrel tastings. Enjoy a delectable gourmet meal while discussing wine pairings and the region’s winemaking tradition.

Lunch is included, as are all wine tastings and round-trip transportation from Mendoza hotels. 8:45 a.m. – 8:30 a.m. Pick-up from your Mendoza hotel 9:00 a.m. Finca – Anita is a character in the film La Anita. La Anita, a hidden gem in Alto Agrelo. We’ll sample the best and only the best of their Finca and Varua varietal blends. We discover the tiny cellar after a walk through the vineyard, where we select a few drops of an incredible Merlot and open a fantastic Tokay. 5 wines are tasted: Finca 2010 – Varua 2011 – Tokay La Anita 2013 11 a.m. Merlot (barrel) – Petit Verdot (Tank) Finca 2010 – Varua 2011 – Tokay La Anita 2013 11 a.m.

Mendoza Express 3 Days/ 2 nights Mendoza City & Wine

Saint Diego’s Domaine It is one of Mendoza’s most stunning vineyards. The only one with a terrace, which was planted by Angel Mendoza, a well-known winemaker. We go to the vineyards with Laura, the Domaine’s daughter, and have a full tasting of the Domaine’s outstanding wines. 5 wines are tasted: Elea glistens Pure sangre Malbec Rosé Paradgima – Pura Sangre – Pura Sangre – Pura Sangre – Pura Sangre – Pura Sangre – Pura Sangre – Pura Sangre – Pura Sangre – Pura Bodega Pulmary, 9 lunas, 1 p.m.

We’ll have lunch with Ramiro, the winemaker, after sampling every tank and barrel of that delightfully familiar winery. For an unforgettable moment, pour Malbec Rosé Sparkling, an old Bonarda, and the best Cabernet Sauvignon on the table. All of the wines are available for tasting. From 2002 to the present, we have all the wines we want! Chef’s menu for lunch with the winemaker!

Day 5: Gaucho Experience in the Andes

Gaucho Adventure. HORSEBACK RIDING IN ESTANCIA LA ALEJANDRA Following our meeting with the guide, we will travel to Luján de Cuyo in the south, passing by traditional wineries along the way. When we arrive in Ugarteche, we’ll take Los Cerrillos Road to cross the last Precordillera foothills and enter the Valle de Uco forest (in Tupungato).

We’ll enjoy a landscape that contrasts the rich valleys of La Carrera with the majestic Cordillera as we leave the picturesque town of San José and head northwest along the Cordon del Plata. The traditional Estancia La Alejandra is located at the foot of the Cerro Plata (6,100 meters).

Private Tour to San Antonio de Areco: Gaucho town & Estancia from Buenos Aires

Breakfast and reception at the guest house. The horses are introduced, the guide gives a safety chat, and a riding lesson is given in the gated stable ring. On horseback, ride towards the mountains through the estancia’s colorful plantations. We can see hares, foxes, condors, and beautiful horses that are born in the horse breeding paddocks at the foot of the Andes. Ascend to the “altar” viewpoint, where we can take in the breathtaking views of the Cordon del Plata Mountains and the Uco Valley while sampling some local wines. Lunch will be served at the guest house.

We will arrive at the viewpoint of La Ollada in the evening, by taking the road of La Carrera northward, where you will see the most breathtaking view of the Valley and the Potrerillos dam. After that, a winding road down and through the Potrerillos mountain villages will lead you to international route No. 7, which will take you to Mendoza City.

Day 6: Iguazu Falls, the Brazilian side

Move from the hotel to the airport in time for your flight. The hotel will pick you up from the airport. Iguazu Falls is one of the most beautiful sights to see, having recently been named one of the latest 7 Wonders of Nature. Your breath will be taken away by your proximity to nature, which includes countless waterfalls surrounded by the tropical jungles of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.

The Iguazu Falls are mostly found on the Argentine side of the border, within the Iguazu National Park. This side of the Falls provides the most comprehensive experience, thanks to its extensive system of trails and walkways that allow you to go both below and beneath the falls, including the Devil’s Throat. The nearby forest also provides excellent opportunities to learn about the region’s wildlife.

Iguazu Falls Private Day Trip from Buenos Aires with Airfare

Tour of the Brazilian Falls You will be picked up from your hotel in the afternoon and driven across the Argentine–Brazilian border to the Iguazu National Park on the Brazil side. During a walking tour through the passages that link the various observation points, you will be treated to a stunning panoramic view of the Falls. The Brazilians and Argentines disagree over which side has the better view of the Falls, just as they do in football. What is obvious is that each side is distinct and impressive in its own right. You should decide for yourself which side impresses you the most.

Day 7: Iguazu falls, Argentinian side

Tour of Argentina’s Falls. A full-day tour of the Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls awaits you today. You will get “up close and personal” with views of this unforgettable portion of the Iguazu River during the walk. In the lower and upper walkways, our guide will show you the secret secrets of this special National Park and will take you off the beaten path to show you the best views.

2-Day Trip to Iguazu Falls Argentinean Side from Puerto Iguazu

While in the National Park, you are free to wander around on your own. Trails winding through the 210-square-mile reserve provide a variety of views of the Falls, especially the highest, Devil’s Throat. The Devil’s Throat mist is so thick that it creates countless rainbows. Expect to get soaked today, and to be exhilarated by the spray and near touch with the falls’ sheer force. The tour includes a trip on an environmentally friendly train. The Jet Boat ride under the falls is also a must-do. Early evening return to the hotel.

Day 8: Return to Buenos Aires

Morning is free. Transfer to airport to take a flight to Buenos Aires and transfer to International airport to take a flight home. This concludes our journey of 8-Day Best of Argentina Tour: Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Iguazu Falls.

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