Argentina to Chile Lake Crossing Sightseeing Tour

This isn’t your ordinary border crossing. This is a unique opportunity to take the beauty of both Argentina and Chile. From Bariloche to Puerto Varas, take a picturesque bus and boat trip between Argentina and Chile.

On this full-day journey, you’ll cross three lakes: Todos Los Santos, Nahuel Huapi, and Fras, with views of Chile’s Vicente Pérez National Park and Argentina’s Cerro Tronador. As you cross the Andes along the picturesque route, have an intimate encounter with a small group limited to 10 passengers.


  • Lake Nahuel Huapi
  • Lake Frias
  • Cordillera de Los Andes
  • Lake Todos Los Santos
  • Saltos del Petrohué

Argentina to Chile Lake Crossing Sightseeing Tour

Puerto Panuelo – Lake Nahuel Huapi – Lake Frias – Lake Todos los Santos – Puerto Varas

At 7:00 a.m. we’ll depart our hotels and travel by bus to Puerto Panuelo, along Lake Nahuel Huapi where during the journey you can marvel at the beautiful Swiss-style architecture that characterizes all buildings in the area, with beautiful gardens and flowers that color the place.

At Panuelo Port we will board the catamaran Victoria Andina or Victoria del Lago and sail across Lake Nahuel Huapi towards Puerto Blest. Along the way, you can appreciate the grandeur of the landscape, and the green of the forests that surround us, including the birds, and also you will learn more about the history of this place.
Andean Lakes Crossing from Argentina to Chile by Bus and Boat
We’ll dock at Puerto Blest and transfer to Puerto Alegre to board the ship City of Faith. We’ll sail on Lake Frias to Puerto Frias, appreciating the deep green color. On this tour, you will have a beautiful Tronador. From Puerto Frias, we’ll continue by bus to Puella and appreciate the lush vegetation of the Cordillera de Los Andes. Then we’ll enter the Perez Rosales National Park where we will see Peulla, Chile.

After lunch, we’ll depart by boat on Lake Todos Los Santos towards Puerto Varas. If the weather allows you will have views of the volcanoes Osorno, Volcano Tronador, and Puntiagudo. Along the way, we’ll visit the Petrohue Waterfalls (admission not included). We’ll continue on to see Lake Llanquihue, breathtaking views of Osorno Volcano, and the stunning Calbuco Volcano before arriving at Puerto Varas.

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