5-Day Buenos Aires Adventure Tour


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Feel the adrenaline and the excitement as you join a thrilling Argentina tour and Buenos Aires Adventure Tour packed with adventure and fun!

5-Day Buenos Aires Adventure Tour


  • Feel the thrill and excitement as you explore Buenos Aires
  • Discover the city by air with a hot air balloon ride, helicopter tour, skydiving trip, and hang gliding!
  • Explore the city’s cultural attractions by bike
  • Get out into the Argentina countryside with a scenic horse riding tour

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Day 1: Arrival in Buenos Aires

Upon your arrival at Buenos Aires airport (Ezeiza or Aeroparque), you will be met and transferred to the Europlaza hotel in the city center.

The rest of the day will be free for you to spend at your leisure.

Day 2: Buenos Aires Bike Tour

You’ll have the morning free to enjoy as you like after breakfast at your hotel. Located next to the 9 de Julio avenue, the Europlaza is advised to take a stroll around the area to experience the spirit of the city.

You can choose between the two Bike Tours that we have to sell in the afternoon, both will take you to the main areas of Buenos Aires City and give you a different way to discover the city.

South Buenos Aires Bike Tour.

The first choice is the South Buenos Aires Bike Tour, which starts in San Telmo, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, known for its preserved colonial architecture.

You will then visit Plaza Dorrego, famous for its fantastic Buenos Aires sightseeing, surrounded by restaurants, bars, and pubs with tables on the square and antique and craft houses.

South Buenos Aires Bike Tour

Moving to Parque Lezama, you’ll see the Holy Trinity’s Russian Orthodox Church, demonstrating the City of Buenos Aires‘ mixed theme in its values.

You will then go to the La Boca neighborhood, popular with its brightly painted buildings and cosmopolitan history. Caminito is the main street, providing a great cultural expression, and we can also see local artists displaying their work throughout the pedestrian. You’ll visit the Boca Junior Stadium as well.

You will then cross the oldest and most popular ferry bridge to Barrio de Avellaneda. It was inaugurated in 1914 in Buenos Aires and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. It was designed to transport pedestrians, motorcycles, buses, and trams. It is one of the world’s last remaining 8 transporter bridges.

The tour will continue for Puerto Madero’s newest neighborhood in the city. Locals and tourists are the most visited. His old docks were converted into types of cafes, lofts, and offices, with the best view of the city and the Rio de La Plata. From there, we’ll go to the Ecological Reserve, a place between the city and the Rio de la Plata where biodiversity and wildlife are preserved, preserving the pampas ‘ original flora.

Eventually, you can visit Plaza de Mayo, the site of all major political activities in the country since the founding of Buenos Aires, from where you can see the Casa Rosada, the Cabildo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the main public buildings.

The tour in San Telmo will end.

North Buenos Aires Bike Tour

The second option will take you from San Telmo to Bike to the north of Buenos Aire. First, you’ll go to the district of Puerto Madero, the city’s newest neighborhood, the most visited by locals and tourists. His old docks have now been converted into new restaurants, lofts, and offices with the best view of Rio de la Plata and the city. The scenery’s landscape is going to be unforgettable!

North Buenos Aires Bike TourYou will then enter the traditional and fashionable district of Recoleta, famous for its hotels, parks, and outdoor cafes in the French style. You will also visit the Iglesia del Pilar (Church) and the Recoleta Cemetery, one of the world’s most famous for its distinctive architecture and the conservation of Eva Perón’s ashes, among other historical personalities. Recoleta also has an unlimited range of pubs, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

You will then head to Palermo, the city’s largest district, known for its beauty and green spaces. It’s an amazing tourist district, including a variety of recreational and residential areas.

You’ll ride through the “Palermo Chico” sub-district as well as “Los Bosques de Palermo,” the city’s largest park. The rose garden, beautiful parks, and artificial lakes can be admired there.

Our detailed guide will tell you about the history of Buenos Aires and other information for you to learn throughout the trip. You will also rest during the trip occasionally and have time to take some pictures.

The trip will end back in San Telmo after a beautiful outdoor journey, full of history and beautiful landscapes.

Free night

Day 3: Adventure through the Air of Buenos Aires

You will enjoy breakfast in the morning and get ready for a real adventure. You will be able to choose between one of the 4 most beautiful excursions in Buenos Aires during this day: Helicopter Tour The first choice is the Helicopter Tour, an incredible way to get to know Buenos Aires. Step into the sky to enjoy breathtaking views of the city of the most famous landmarks and the highest buildings, both in general and in detail. You’re going to be affected by breathtaking panoramic views you won’t forget.

Meeting Point: Move to the hotel included.

Hot Air Balloon Flight A stunning Hot Air Balloon Flight is the second option. If there is any way to see fresh, comfortable landscapes with family or friends, it will certainly satisfy your desire to ride in a hot air balloon.

Capilla del Señor, 80 kilometers from the capital, provides rural panoramic views of the large plains to enjoy Buenos Aires ‘ real experience. This rural town is truly one of the oldest developed around ranches, farms, and dairies in the province of Buenos Aires. You must gradually travel over large field deployments.

The flight takes about 1 hour and you can fly between 10 and 20 km depending on the strength of the breeze.

Meeting Point: Los Cardales Train Station (optional transfer, please contact the local operator after confirmation of reservation (This service does not include transfer; can be booked separately) Skydiving You can also go for an incredible Skydive leap. The passenger will be equipped with a harness specifically designed to be hooked together with the instructor on the parachute after a few minutes of instruction.

You’ll then get on the plane and fifteen minutes later (3000 meters high) you’ll jump hooked to your instructor and in 40 seconds you’ll have a free fall of 1500 meters.

The instructor then opens the double-controlled parachute, allowing the pupil to operate his parachute with direct instructor assistance.

You will land together in the prearranged area about 4/5 minutes later.

Meeting Point: Move to the hotel included.

Ala Delta Hang Gliding You can also choose an Ala Delta Ride and have a real sense of flying, last but not least. The Public Aerodrome Gomez Front is just 40 minutes from downtown Buenos Aires on Route 2 Km 65.

The Ala Delta is a relaxed and quiet place, but it also helps you to experience adrenaline taste.

Meeting Point: Move to the hotel included.

Day 4: Countryside, Horseriding, and Ranch – Province of Buenos Aires

Horse riding is one of the main ingredients in the living environment of the province of Buenos Aires. This adventure provides a one–of–a–kind experience at the Fortin Frias ranch, 70 km from Buenos Aires, surrounded by typical fields and landscapes.

To have the whole Gaucha experience, breakfast is provided at the farm and then horse riding for a while, enabling you to enjoy a day’s gaucho life, horse riding on criollo ponies, the South American horse, used with the Argentine pampa for its strength and kindness.

Gaucho Day Trip from Buenos Aires: Don Silvano Ranch

The trip to the farm in Fortin Frias begins with your hotel pick up at 7 am. You will arrive at the farm in Carlos Keen after approximately 1h30 and have a delicious gaucho meal.

Then we will begin our 2-hour horse riding trip along a peaceful path, surrounded by fields and refreshing landscape around 10 am.

After a 2-hour drive, we will return to the farm of Fortin Frias for an Asado lunch, a delicious and traditional Argentine barbecue made up of many types of meat (chorizo, pork, duck, etc.).

They will be able to go for another afternoon ride for those who want to, and they will be able to relax at the ranch, surrounded by nature, for the others. There will be an afternoon snack on sale.

The trip will finish at about 5 pm and you will be transferred back to your hotel.

Day 5: Buenos Aires Departure

In the morning, after breakfast, you will check out at your hotel and you will have free time until your vehicle picks you up to drive you to the airport.

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