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Enjoy an enchanting private Venice gondola ride to explore the stunning canals of this ancient city. Discover why Venice is called the most romantic city in the world with a private gondola ride through the canals of Venice.

Surprise your significant other by booking a gondola ride ahead of time and save time in lines at the canal. With this tour, you’ll step into a traditional Venetian gondola and travel along the Grand Canal to the Rialto Bridge before setting out to explore the scenic side canals with your private gondolier.


  • Enjoy an enchanting and private Venice gondola ride
  • Admire Venice from the water
  • Fabulous photography opportunities
  • Slide along the little canals of Venice

Private Venice Gondola Ride W/ Hotel Pick-up

Without a doubt, Venice is one of the most incredible and distinctive towns in the globe, taking away the breath of everyday people.

Private romantic gondola ride in Venice

But it’s difficult to explain to admire it from the water until you actually experience it. There must be a reason why the Venetians created this distinctive means of transport that is elegant and particularly appropriate for sliding along the lagoon’s waters. By taking people through Venice’s smallest canals, the gondola allows perspectives and views that can not be viewed in any other manner.

It will be like projected into another world in an eye glimpse, the one made up of countless bridges, majestic canal façades, and Venice’s real beauty seen from a distinctive view: the water.

This could be the ideal chance for a romantic marriage proposal for the brave and dashing.

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