Venice Gondola Ride

Join us for an exciting and romantic Venice gondola ride to explore the gorgeous canals and lanes of Venice. A 30-minute gondola ride is one of the most authentically Venetian experiences. As you glide along the canals in a gondola, take in the splendor of this unique city from the perspective of its most recognizable emblem. See the hidden gems that are only accessible by gondola, since you will have a completely different perspective than on a walking trip.


  • A 30-minute ride on a Venetian Gondola
  • Discover Venice from a unique perspective
  • Glide through centuries of history
  • Experience the most authentic side of Venice
  • Amazing photo opportunities

Venice Gondola Ride

Live your dream of cruising on an interesting Venice gondola ride through Venice’s romantic canals.

The gondola is one of Venice’s most iconic ships. Not many individuals understand that this distinctive ship once was very distinct from the one we admire today and developed alongside Venice.

Venice Gondola Ride

Considered one of the most lovely and elegant ships on Earth, unique methods are used to build a gondola; each component has its own unique symbolism. It has six pettini, its multi-pronged ferro, or prow, symbolizing the six sestieri into which Venice is split. The iron piece’s role is to balance the weight of the gondolier. The S-shape evokes the Grand Canal’s curve.

A whole world embodied in a ship, then, not only elegance and beauty.

Experience Venice’s beauty on a Gondola Ride in Venice.

An enchanting and relaxing way of enjoying Venice’s colors, lights, sights, charm, and beauty. We will admire elegant palaces on the bank side, distinctive bridges and breathe the charm and magic that can only be given to you by a city constructed on water.

Aid for boarding will be given. Sharing the journey (max. 6 passengers). Let the local gondolier bring you along the hidden canals of Venice with his unique blue and white striped shirt.

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