1.5-Hour Rome Wine Tour with Cheese Tasting and Pairing

Join us on this 1.5-Hour Rome Wine Tour with Cheese Tasting. Enjoy the wines of Chianti, Prosecco, and Brunello, as well as other famous Italian wine regions, without leaving Rome. Participate in a guided tasting of six different red, white, and sparkling wines alongside artisanal charcuterie at a local “enoteca” in a small group setting. Professional sommeliers can educate you on the history and making of each wine, giving you insight into the factors that have made Italian wines so well-respected abroad.


1.5-Hour Rome Wine Tour with Cheese Tasting

Tasting is served in a traditional wine bar situated in the Palazzetto Giangiacomo, in the heart of Rome, in the eighteenth century. It is a family-run wine bar that began over 50 years ago as a wine shop and was turned by the third generation into its current status.

Italy in a Glass - Wine Tasting and Food Pairing Tour in RomeThe shelves of the Wine Bar are lined with bottles carefully selected by renowned and established wineries. The wine is complemented by an enticing array of regional cheeses, quality salami and hams, smoked fish, and delicious homemade dishes. In English, customers will learn how to drink and taste the wine, the differences between colors and perfumes, and the area where the wines are produced.


The creation of a perfect paring between food and wine in examples:

  • a glass of Bellone, a forgotten antique local white grape variety paired with Rome’s ricotta (ricotta romano), a rich and flavorful by-product of pecorino romano
  • a glass of Frascati Superiore, the white wine associated with Rome, from the vineyards visible from the periphery of the Eternal town paired with pecorino Romano,a typical salty hard cheese from Lazio
  • a glass of Nero Buona, a traditional, antique variety of red grapes, cultivated in the hills of Cori, combined with coppiette, roman beef jerky, flavorful and spicy or porchetta, a spit-roasted pig stuffed with wild herbs.

These menus offered are only examples of the quality of the products, which can be changed with seasonal food.

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