Venice Foodie Tour: Rialto Fish Market, Bacari Wine Bars, Cicchetti

Venice Foodie Tour: Rialto Fish Market, Bacari Wine Bars, Cicchetti. Take your taste buds on a delicious adventure on this tour of Venice’s Bacari wine bars and their famous cicchetti dishes.


  • Experience the buzz of Italian Bacari wine bars
  • Ride a gondola to Cannaregio, part of the old Jewish Ghetto
  • Get a history lesson while sipping wine

Venice Foodie Tour: Rialto Fish Market / Bacari Wine Bars / Cicchetti

Join us on a trip to prove that Venetian cuisine is some of Italy’s finest.

Meet in the core of the culinary scene of the city with your local guide: Rialto Fish Market. As it has been for millennia, fresh Mediterranean fish are carried on the market every morning. We’ll head off in search of something to eat after learning about an island city’s distinctive gastronomy.

Venice Food Tour & Wine Tasting in Rialto with a Native & Top Rated Expert

A favorite local watering hole is our first stop: a bar renowned for its unbeatable cicchetti, bread-based meals, and a mean spritz. With local wine, prosecco, or spritz, you will sample two products of your choice washed down. It is highly recommended that the baccala, a quintessential Venetian salt cod dish, be purified and spread over toasted bread.

To sample crostini, panini, and delicious Venetian fried foods, we will find our way to another cicchetti bar. You will also taste some prosecco, the Veneto region’s local specialty.

We’re going to board a gondola and cross the Grand Canal to explore Cannaregio’s neighborhood. Part of the ancient Jewish Ghetto in Venice, Cannaregio, is home to some of the city’s most popular restaurants. You’re going to sample the day’s pasta tray here.

Not just filling up with delicious local food is a Venice Food Tour. We would also like to teach you how to eat well in a town where finding excellent, inexpensive food is not simple. Your local food will inform you where to eat, how to eat and what to search for on the menus.

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