Private Small Wild Goose Pagoda Tour with Shadow Puppet Performance

Visit Small Wild Goose Pagoda tour and watch the Shadow Puppet Performance on our Xi’an tour!


  • Small Wild Goose Pagoda
  • Shadow Puppet Performance
  • Hotel pickup & drop-off

Private Small Wild Goose Pagoda Tour W/ Shadow Puppet Performance

We’ll pick you up at either 9:00 am or 2:00 pm from your hotel lobby and travel with your local guide by taxi to start this half-day cultural tour!History Museum+Big Wild Goose Pagoda+Terra Cotta Army Museum and Night Show

Located on the central axis of the Jianfu Temple in south Xian, Small Wild Goose Pagoda survives from the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It was called “Jianfu Temple Pagoda” during the Tang and Song Dynasties. Its present name is closely related to the “Big Wild Goose Pagoda”. Follow your guide to visit this pagoda and the Xian Museum to learn the history and culture of Xi’an.

Then enjoy the famous Shadow Puppet Performance that originated more than 2000 years ago. Learn how it works as ‘One mouth tells stories of thousands of years, a pair of hands operates millions of soldiers.’ Ask your guide about its history and marvel at the lingering music, exquisite sculpture, brisk color, and lively performance.

A flavorsome Dumplings lunch or dinner (based on your tour time) will be served in the time-honored De Fa Chang Restaurant. This is the top choice for you to enjoy traditional Shaanxi dumplings. Afterward, bid farewell to your guide, you could take a taxi return to the hotel on your own or continue other sightseeing by yourself.

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