Visit Kuala Lumpur – Utopia for Young Minds

Visit Kuala Lumpur – Utopia for Young Minds

Visit Kuala Lumpur – Utopia for Young Minds. The human brain is a mystery, but the minds of the young ones are more inquisitive and look for new simulations to enhance themselves. Make the vacation intriguing as you visit the Petrosains, the discovery centre where learning about science becomes fun at this museum of science and technology.

Be part of activities where you dive with sharks, as well as feeding sessions at the Aquaria KLCC. Enjoy visiting this amazing zoo with the KL Tower mini-zoo ticket. This is a petting zoo with more than sixty species of animals. Play with rabbits and guinea pigs as you visit this non-traditional zoo. Ride the thrilling water slides, pirate ships and the wave pool at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.

Get geared up with safety helmets, and knee and elbow pads as you visit District 21 as you take up various physical challenges of the theme park. Imaginations run wild as the young ones get to explore different occupations as Kidzania. Interested in science and astronomy visit the KL National Planetarium. Zoo Negara is the home of the giant pandas of Malaysia.

Swing, glide and even fly at the Skytrex Adventure where you trek from “tree to tree’.A great hangout with kids is the KLCC Park famous for its manmade Lake Symphony.

Petrosains The Discovery Centre

Petrosains the discovery centre is an interactive science and discovery centre. The centre is located on the fourth floor of the Suria Shopping Centre at the Petrosains Twin Towers and it showcases everything from fossils to exhibitions of the present age.

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The discovery centre is the brainchild of the fourth prime minister Mahathir Mohamad as it came into being on 25th March 1999 it is owned and taken care of by the Malaysian oil and gas company Petronas. The museum is spread across seven thousand square metres.

The main theme of the centre is petroleum and the evolution of science. The most attractive exhibitions include Geo time Diorama where you learn about the evolution of Earth and take a step back some two hundred million years ago.

SPARKZ with its Wind Tube and paper helicopters rekindle the childhood memories of many visiting parents. Oil Platform is actually an Oil Platform as you get an insight about the actual working of the platform. Speed is where all the action for all those F1 fans as they go around the Sepang in an F1 simulator.

KL Tower Mini Zoo

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Hold on tight to those KL Tower Mini Zoo Tickets as you this remarkable petting zoo which is a new concept as you get to be more friendly with animals. The KL Tower Mini Zoo or KL TMZ  has many different zones including the Mini Jungle, Happy Farm Village, Birdy School and Forest walk.

The star attractions of the zoo are the world’s biggest tortoises, green iguanas, local softshell turtles and the rare alligator turtles. Meet the world’s smallest horse species, the Falabella.

The eight zones have around sixty species of animals some of which are very docile like meerkats, racoons and parrots in the green Bukit Nanas virgin forest area where you get to touch as well as feed the chickens and birds. End the visit to the zoo as you proceed towards the seventh tallest freestanding tower of the world, the KL Tower as you get a 360-degree view of Kuala Lumpur.

KL Planetarium

When you visit Kuala Lumpur, it’s time also to visit the KL Planetarium, the next location after the Petrosains discovery centre. This blue-domed structure is located on top of a hill at the Lake Gardens of Jalan Perdana in Kuala Lumpur. The main attraction of the planetarium is the space theatre with space shows. The main hall has permanent exhibitions which are connected to space science. It also showcases the Arianne iv space engine which was used during the launch of MEASAT1 which was Malaysia’s first satellite launch into space.

There is a fourteen-inch telescope set up in the observatory. The Space theme park of the planetarium mirrors the old observatory sites.KL Planetarium is connected to the National Museum of Malaysia through an overhead pedestrian bridge. There is a UV-lIT lift which transports the visitors to the observation gallery. The second floor of the museum is dedicated to astronomy where a gyroscopic robot which equals the human size gives a memorable trip to the planetarium

Farm in the City

The next safe haven for animals to be visited with a KL Tower mini zoo tickets is the Farm in the City. Farm in the City is located some thirty minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. There are around one hundred species which are exotic and at the same time tame animals along with three hundred birds from all over the world.

Nature Tour: Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Butterfly Farm And Taman Orkid

The farm is divided into eight different zones namely the Reptiles Cavern is a glass house where you can see reptiles like the Python, dwarf caiman and mangrove snake from a close distance. Moods lake is home to White Swans, Black Swans, Emperor Geese and Pelicans with its clear water lake. Feed the free-flying Malaysian birds at the Bird Aviary.

At the Pet Village, you can interact, feed and pet the cuddlesome rabbits and Guinea Pigs. The jungle walk gives you a chance to meet the unique African Crested Porcupine and Kirk’s Dik Dik. The Longevity Village or the “Turtle and Tortoise farm “ is famous as it is home to turtles and tortoises including the Red-footed tortoise, Dinosaur Turtle, Star Tortoise from India and many more. Savanna has a cute collection of Alpacas, a Dusky Wallaby which is a small species of kangaroo and Javan deer.


Explore all kinds of occupations at Kidzania after you visit the Petrosains discovery centre. Kidzania is an edutainment centre “which is designed to prep young minds with the workplace ambience. It is quite similar to a mini-city with child-sized office buildings and cars.

KidZania Kuala Lumpur Admission Ticket

The visiting tots can try ninety different jobs where they can pretend to be pilots, secret agents, news anchors, surgeons and firefighters. The News Straits Times Press office pushes young journalists to go around the city in search of news that they have to write and get published or even deliver copies of the paper or collect for recycling.

Chika’s Locker Fashion at Kidzania is a fashion boutique which gives promising fashion models the opportunity to pout and pose and also to flaunt their catwalk on the ramp.


Visit Kuala Lumpur, the capital and largest city of Malaysia. It is a vibrant, modern metropolis teeming with family-friendly attractions. You can take your pick from a variety of nature and wildlife encounters, cultural activities meant to expose kids to new ideas, and more. Moving to KL with young children would be a dream come true. Kuala Lumpur is a family-friendly city with cheap hotels, convenient public transportation (including free buses), and low crime rates.

The Discovery Centre in Petrosains, Malaysia, is interactive, engaging, and hands-on—everything a science centre should be. Petrosains is an extension of PETRONAS’ commitment to nation-building by fostering STEM interest and fostering the development of a new generation of science and technology-minded, innovation-inspired Malaysians. It does this by offering exhibits, in-reach, and outreach activities that make learning STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fun.