Nuremberg Day Trip From Munich

Day Trip to Nuremberg from Munich includes Guided tour of Nuremberg’s historic Old Town Center, Visit to NS Documentation Center.

• See Nuremberg’s historic old town center
• See the Nuremberg of the Third Reich
• Visit the NS Documentation Center
• Explore the Nazi Party Rallie Ground

Nuremberg Day Trip From Munich

Amble along paths previously trodden by emperors and streets where medieval Diets were held. The historic old town with its mighty castle and old city walls, as well as churches, monuments and half-timber houses still portray the splendor of the former imperial city. But that’s not all: Nuremberg is also home to Germany’s arguably most famous painter, Albrecht Dürer. The artist worked and lived in Nuremberg for almost twenty years, as of 1509. Follow in his footsteps and visit his house, the only artist’s house dating back to the 16th century which is still intact in Northern Europe.

The darkest chapter in German history also cast a shadow over Nuremberg: Adolf Hitler turned Nuremberg into the city of the Nuremberg Rally and constructed monumental buildings here, driven by delusions of grandeur. After the end of the Second World War, the city found itself back in the limelight: major war criminals had to face an international military tribunal here in the Nuremberg Trials.

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