6-Hour Iceland Golden Circle Tour from Reykjavik

When visiting Iceland’s beautiful Land of Ice and Fire, the Golden Circle is at the top of the must-see list. This full-day journey will take you to the sacred site of the Vikings’ ancient national assembly, where you will tread in the footsteps of those brave Viking settlers.

It will transport you to awe-inspiring natural wonders such as thunderous waterfalls, a gushing geyser, and a stunning continental divide. The Golden Circle is made up of three outstanding places: the stunning Thingvellir National Park, the breathtaking Gullfoss waterfall, and the dramatic Strokkur, Iceland’s most active geyser.


  • Thingvellir National Park
  • Lake Thingvallavatn
  • See the meeting point of earth’s tectonic plates
  • View the incredible Gullfoss waterfall

6-Hour Iceland Golden Circle Tour from Reykjavik

Reykjavik – Thingvellir – Reykjavik

Full-Day VIP Golden Circle Tour in Iceland with Pick Up

In one afternoon you will visit Iceland‘s most renowned natural attractions and geological wonders.

On this popular excursion, you’ll visit Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site where the ancient Icelandic parliament Alþingi was established in the year 930 A.D.

Thingvellir National Park is home to Iceland’s largest lake and where the American and European continents meet at Almannagja gorge, a huge chasm that runs through Thingvellir alongside the lake.

From Thingvellir, the golden circle tour continues to the majestic Gullfoss waterfall that narrowly escaped being harnessed for a hydroelectric dam. Luckily for us, we’ll get to see this spectacular and gorgeous waterfall in all its glory!

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Thingvellir National Park

Stepping outside to the nearby Viewing Platform we get a super panoramic view of the park, its surroundings, and the country´s largest natural lake.


At Friðheimar we will gain insight into the production and harvesting of greenhouse horticulture, with a walk in the greenhouse where we will have an informative tour of greenhouses in Iceland. We will experience entering a greenhouse and then we will enjoy the famous tomato soup made from the tomatoes from the greenhouse.


Kringla – a visit to local craftswomen At Kringla we will meet Ingibjörg local craftswomen and farmer. There we will meet her cat and go to the stables to see the horses. We will also gain some insight into the local atmosphere.


Geysir – a geothermal wonderland of steaming fumaroles, bubbling mud pots, and an erupting geyser The billowing clouds of steam rising here and there from the ground bears witness to the powerful forces at work right beneath your feet. The central attraction of course is the geyser Strokkur (The Churn), spectacularly spouting boiling water and steam 20 meters (60 feet) skywards.

No worries as to nailing that perfect picture, it erupts every seven to eight minutes. Other special features are the bubbling mud pots and steaming fumaroles. The mineral-rich water rising from deep within the earth also creates some vivid colors as it reaches across the surface of the ground.


Gullfoss – the Queen of Icelandic Waterfalls Just a ten-minute drive up the road from Geysir is the magnificent two-tiered Gullfoss waterfall. Located on the glacial river Hvítá, its waters plunge 30 meters (90 feet) into a deep canyon. The fall´s stunning beauty and raw power have earned it the title “Queen of Icelandic Waterfalls” and it has been rated one of the top ten waterfalls in the world.

In summer, the rising spray is sometimes caught by the sun´s rays to create a beautiful rainbow arched across the falls, adding even further to its magical allure. Gullfoss is indeed a waterfall for all seasons. In winter it is no less beautiful and fantastic when it freezes over into undulating waves of sparkling ice.

This ends our 6-Hour Iceland Golden Circle Tour from Reykjavik.

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