Saltos del Mocona Tour

Join our Puerto Iguassu Argentina Saltos del Mocona Tour and enjoy the great sights of Misiones province of Argentina, nature, and culture!


  • Saltos del Mocona
  • Iguazu National Park
  • Mocona Falls

Saltos del Mocona Tour

Saltos del Mocona

Visita a los Saltos de MoconaAfter picking you up from your hotel we’ll travel to the amazing Saltos del Mocona. It is one of the great sights of Misiones province, a geological fault where Yabotí, Pepirí Guazii, Uruguay, Serapio, and Calixto rivers meet. Upon arrival, you discover that the Moconá Falls are unlike any waterfall you’ve ever seen.

It is actually a three-mile-long canyon that splits the Uruguay River into an upper and low half with the upper river forming a series of waterfalls that continuously flow into the lower half. Unlike a waterfall, this fall is performed transversely, possibly up to 25 meters and a depth of 115 meters.

The observation of Moconá falls will depend on the height of the Uruguay River, since sometimes the level of the river is very high and it is not possible to contemplate this natural sight in its entire splendor. December to March is considered the best time to visit.

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