Iguazu Falls Tour From Puerto Iguazu with Boat Ride: Argentina Side

Iguazu Falls Tour From Puerto Iguazu with Boat Ride: Argentina Side. Be prepared to get a little wet and add some extra thrills to your vacation while enjoying the Nautical Adventure under some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world! Have a guide and car accompany you to the Iguaz Falls on Argentina’s side, as well as a boat excursion and a city tour in Puerto Iguaz.

Iguazu Falls: Argentina Side, Boat Ride & City Tour – Private (Also IGU Pick-up)

Argentina boasts ownership of over two-thirds of the falls. So take a few hours to explore the paths and views of the falls, as well as the possibility to walk on water by crossing the Iguaçu River on footbridges. Take a boat ride full of thundering thrills that will put you right in touch with nature’s majesty and have your heart pounding with anticipation just by sitting in one of the enormous boats.

Visit the Triple Frontier monument, La Feirinha, and the La Aripuca on a guided city tour of Puerto Iguaz. La Aripuca is a tourist attraction with educational and cultural goals that attempts to improve man’s relationship with environment. Empanadas, dulce de leche, salamis, cheese, wines, and stuffed olives are among the distinctive Argentine products available at La Feirinha.


  • Iguassu Falls
  • One of the seven natural wonders of the world
  • Boat ride under the falls
  • Free time to explore on your own

Iguazu Falls Tour From Puerto Iguazu W/ Boat Ride: Argentina Side

Puerto Iguazu – Iguassu Falls

Get your cameras ready because we are about to explore one of the Natural Wonders of the World. The 200,000 year-old Iguassu Falls span across the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, pouring over 400,000 gallons of water a second onto the rocks below! The morning of the tour we’ll pick you up from your hotel and drive to Iguazu National Park (Argentina), where we’ll spend the day exploring the falls and learning about its history and culture.

Iguazu Falls Argentina

We’ll explore all three tiers of the park so that you can see the falls from each different vantage point. The lower path leads to the base of the falls, where the intense crash releases a thick mist into the air.

The upper path leads to an incredible panorama of the falls from an extensive footbridge – an unforgettable experience. You will be guided throughout the tour but will have lots of free time to take pictures, enjoy the outdoors and see the falls at your own pace.

You’ll also get some extra thrills and a little bit wet on a boat ride under the falls. At the end of the tour we’ll all meet back up at the bus returning to Puerto Iguazu.

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