6 Best Tips For Working Remotely While Traveling in 2023

6 Best Tips For Working Remotely While Traveling in 2023

Ever dreamt of traveling the world while working remotely? How about exploring many places while still earning money during the trip? All of these are possible, so long as you’re ready to handle all the responsibilities that come with it.

True, it’s not easy going from one place to another while performing your remote tasks. You’re sure to face many hurdles, especially if you’re still an inexperienced digital worker journeying the world. However, you can do this smoothly so long as you follow the tips below:

Install Software Tools for Security

When working remotely while traveling, your equipment is your lifeline, literally. After all, how would you expect your work to be done without having access to them? As such, you should prioritize safeguarding them since they’re more vulnerable than when you’re operating at home. This includes protecting all your digital data, too, especially if you’re using public WiFi networks.

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As such, one of the greatest tips for you would be to install browser protections to secure your online information. You can even avail of a great VPN for encrypting your internet and disguising your identity. You can also ask for data security tools from your company if they haven’t provided one for you yet.

Note Down All Your Expenses

There’s no denying that going into travel mode makes you want to spend a lot of money. It’s inevitable, especially if you’re keen on enjoying and making the most of your trip. However, it’s important that you remember how to set a reasonable budget – one you won’t regret looking back to once you get home.

First, it’s best to choose destinations with a low cost of living. Remember that food, transportation, and tour fees can quickly weigh up your finances, so be mindful of what you spend. Similarly, you’re also paying for your room, which can be quite expensive depending on your setup. The most important thing is to ensure that what you’re spending during your trip is significantly less than what you earn while working remotely.

Set Up a Good Working Environment

Finding a quiet space for travelers working remotely can be challenging, especially if there’s no exclusive spot meant for digital nomads. This is why you need to set up a good working environment, somewhere you can focus easily without any distractions. Bonus points if you prepare an ergonomic workspace for added comfort. Wondering how to set this up, mainly if this is your first time traveling while working remotely.


Well, the first thing you should do would be to call your accommodations ahead. Chances are, they’d be happy to help you plan your first workstation and provide you with a room well-suited as a workplace. You could bring your devices, settle them down, and begin daily projects. They can also recommend some spots you can go to when you’re doing your tasks, like an isolated coffee shop with strong WiFi and an extra shot of caffeine!

Connect With Remote Work Communities

Traveling alone while working remotely can be lonely, especially if you’re not yet used to it. It doesn’t matter if you’re staying in some of the best places in Barcelona or taking in some of the most breathtaking sites in Europe. You’d still crave genuine human interaction, someone you can spend some of your hours with.

Luckily, you can connect with remote work communities online. Not only can these groups have opportunities you can grab onto, but there’s also a possibility you can meet up with some of the members. Some digital nomads in the area may even show you top-notch coworking spaces. It’s perfect when you need a bit of human interaction while still keeping up with your work responsibilities.

Base Your Workloads on Your Travel Plans

Yet another foolproof tip when working remotely while traveling is to plan your work schedule based on your travel itinerary. Generally, you have sixteen hours daily to squeeze in everything you want to do – including completing your workload and going on a side quest (or two!).


As such, you have to take a look at your work pipeline and prioritize doing the urgent ones before your trip. The tasks left behind should then be scheduled within your travel plans. You could do them during flight layovers, lengthy train rides, or lounging around your hotel room. This way, you’re not missing out on deadlines while also making the most of your journey!

Make Sure to Communicate With Your Team

Whether you’re a true-blooded digital nomad or traveling around temporarily while working, there’s one thing you should never forget: contacting your company. This is important, especially if you’re working on a team project or checking in on the progress for the day. Remember, you don’t have to communicate with them 24/7; instead, simply be available at times your presence is needed.

Don’t forget to stay in touch with your employer and give them a quick update on your deadlines! You can also inform them that you’re on the road, which is helpful in case something unexpected occurs – like you not being responsive due to signal disruptions. There’s also the need to align your time zone with theirs and find overlapping hours for important live meetings.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re a seasoned digital nomad or simply starting as one, it can be daunting exploring new places while still working remotely. You’d have to handle a lot on your plate, including your trip expenses, itinerary, and of course, submitting your work on time. Luckily, you can start with the six tips above to help kickstart your 2023 goals of working remotely while traveling!