Verona Food and Wine Walking Tour – small group


Via Teatro Ristori, 7, 37122 Verona VR, Italy


45.4378308, 10.98670752966


Via Teatro Ristori, 7, 37122 Verona VR, Italy


45.4378308, 10.98670752966



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Verona food and wine walking tour will give you a taste of the city’s culinary culture. While being guided by an expert, try pairing a traditional Italian pastry with an espresso; tasting local products such as Soppressa, a typical salami, paired with Monte Veronese cheese; or sipping on the world-renowned Valpolicella.

Discover the city’s rich history and architecture while you dine, passing the Roman Arena and other notable landmarks along the way. In order to keep the experience as intimate as possible, we have limited the number of participants to 12.

Verona Food and Wine Walking Tour – small group


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The tour begins with a walk through Verona’s historic center, following your guide’s directions. If you’re in the mood for an espresso and a sweet treat, head to one of Italy’s many cafes.

Verona Food & Wine Walking Tour in Small-group

Consider trying Soppressa, a traditional salami, and Monte Veronese cheese at a historically significant local business. After that, visit a local workshop to see how tortellini are created up and personal.

Take a look at the process of making fresh pasta, including mixing, rolling, and stuffing the dough. To further your knowledge of the region’s winemaking, you might browse the shelves of a local wine shop.

Consider trying a local Prosecco, Lugana, or Valpolicella to quench your thirst. Because of the stores’ weekly closings, the locations you’ll see during your tour are subject to change. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options are available. Please make a note of this on your reservation.


Piazza Bra

Follow the advice of a local foodie, enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience, and, like a true local, start your day with an authentic Italian espresso. You’ll begin your culinary tour with a short stroll around the gorgeous Arena before diving into the heart of the region’s native delights.

Piazza delle Erbe

Following a traditional Italian welcome, you will be greeted with a classic aperitif. You’ll make a pit stop at one of the city’s most traditional “Osterie,” where you’ll be able to sample some of the region’s best-known products, such as Soppressa (a sort of salami), Monte Veronese cheese, and the city’s famous cicchetti.

Arche Scaligere

Then we will discover the aromas and main features of the traditional local wines, such as the Valpolicella red wine, or the white wines coming from the East of Verona and Lake Garda.

Porta Borsari

The next step is a mouth-watering experience: enjoy a traditional dish and discover some local culinary traditions with your expert guide. Continue your visit in the food district of Verona, where the most “Osterie” and botteghe are located.

Ponte Garibaldi

Finally, stop in a historical Gelateria to taste a yummy artisanal Gelato to refresh your mouth. This tour will allow you to see Verona from a brand-new perspective, made of great simplicity and unique flavors.

Here we end our Verona Food and Wine Walking Tour.

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