Athens Mythology Walking Tour: Plaka, Areopagus, Ancient Agora

Athens Mythology Walking Tour. Today, begin a journey back into the past to discover the ancient myths that have captivated visitors to Greece for ages. Countless fascinating traditions and lore have their origins in Athens’ majestic ruins.

The entire family can enjoy a deep dive into Greek mythology at the Acropolis and the Ancient Agora with this kid-friendly tour, which includes exciting games and compelling stories. Learn about the most famous Greek gods and heroes while touring the Parthenon, Temple of Athena Nike, Theater of Dionysus, and the Erechtheion, as well as the Agora.


  • Discover living remnants of glorious Greek myths
  • Admire the largest temple in ancient Greece
  • Exceptional archaeologist and licensed tour guide
  • Greek coffee in Plaka
  • Explore the ancient market
  • Discover Areopagus and Mousson hill
  • Perfect for all ages and skill level

Athens Mythology Walking Tour: Plaka, Areopagus, Ancient Agora

We’ll start our tour in the shadow of the sacred Acropolis, meeting at the Acropolis Metro Station. Standing at this fine line between the modern and the ancient, we’ll head out to the Temple of Olympian Zeus, where we’ll hear tales of the famous King of Gods. Traveling down the colorful Plaka streets, we’ll enter ancient Athens, home to many secret monuments to the Athenian gods. Follow your knowledgeable guide through these pathways as they introduce you to the mythological origins of Athens around Acropolis Hill.
Small Group Athens Mythology Family Tour

We’ll stop for a brief rest and a cup of coffee at a local cafe before stepping into one of Athen’s historic markets, once the ancient heart of Athens.

As you pass through here, continue to be engrossed by the classic myths that have been studied throughout the ages. Step up to the Areopagus where Ares was charged with the slaying of Alirrothios. From here you shall travel to Mousson Hill, just west of the Acropolis, which offers stunning views of ancient Athens.

Take your last steps along the Panathenaic Way, which was once the main street of the city, and complete your journey through Athens, having discovered the rich history and mythological embodied in this famous Greek city.

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