Private Limay River and Argentina Lake District Day Trip From Bariloche

Grab a group of friends for a stunning small, private tour through the Argentina Lake District on a thrilling day trip from Bariloche.


  • Limay River
  • Enchanted Valley
  • Traful River
  • Lakes Nahuel Huapi, Traful, Correntoso and Espejo
  • Villa Traful
  • Villa la Angostura.

Private Limay River & Argentina Lake District Day Trip From Bariloche

Limay River and Argentina Lake District Private Day Trip

This private excursion to the Limay River will take in the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National park for you to discover, in an exclusive way, why the region is so famous.

Our small, private tour will begin after we pick your group up from your hotels in Bariloche. We’ll say farewell to this lovely city and begin our journey through Argentina’s Lake District.

First, we’ll travel towards the northern area of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, home to a wide variety of landscapes and numerous adventure activities that let visitors explore this gorgeous natural world.

Our journey will lead us to the Enchanted Valley and Limay River. As we traverse this area we’ll enjoy an astonishing panorama along the Traful River, surrounded by hills and volcanic rock formations. We’ll continue to the Lakes Nahuel Huapi, Traful, Correntoso, and Espejo, which are part of the famous “Road of the Seven Lakes.

Around noon, we will serve a delicious picnic lunch on the banks of Traful Lake.

Our next destination is the two typical mountain villages, Villa Traful and Villa la Angostura. The first is within the National Park, and its main feature is the snowy mountains, the lakes, and the forests. Meanwhile, Villa la Angostura is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Patagonia Argentina, and we’ll definitely be marveled at its incredible natural landscapes

The tour ends with a return to the passenger’s hotels

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