Private Venice Gondola Ride

Enjoy an enchanting and private Venice gondola ride to explore the stunning canals of the ancient city of Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

We guarantee our clients a 30 minute Gondola ride through out the year including during the busiest months of June and July. Our Gondolas are owned by a local Venetian family who has been carrying forward the iconic tradition of gondola rides in Venice for over 3 decades. The Gondoliers have been passed down their profession from one generation to the next, keeping traditions alive and offering all visitors an authentic experience of Venetian history.

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  • A 30 minutes private Venice gondola ride
  • The timeless beauty of Venice seen from the water
  • Amazing photography opportunities
  • Slide among centuries of history and picturesque views
  • Experience the deepest side of Venice, away from the crowds

Private Venice Gondola Ride

The gondola is one of Venice’s primary symbols, as emblematic as mysterious in its roots of the renowned water town. Not many individuals understand that this distinctive ship was distinct from the one we can admire today at the start, altering over time with the town to which it is connected. Of course, the gondola’s history is deeply bound up with Venice’s.

Considered one of Earth’s most lovely and elegant ships, it is constructed by distinctive methods and each portion has symbolic meanings as well. For instance, its multi-pronged ferro, or prow, has five or six “pettini,” symbolic of the six “sestieri” that divide Venice into. This portion made of iron has the purpose of balancing the weight of gondoliere and it has a “S” shape that evokes the Canal Grande flow.

Not only then elegance and beauty, but nowadays the symbol of Venice represented a whole world in this ship. Let yourself experience the gondola through this tour in the first individual.

An enchanting and relaxing way of enjoying Venice’s colors, lights, sights, charm and beauty. You’ll admire elegant palaces on the bank side, distinctive bridges, and breathe the charming and magical atmosphere that only a water-built town can provide.
Private Gondola Ride in Venice
Can you imagine a better experience than a Venice gondola journey to share with the individuals you enjoy? It’s probably hard to discover. Just bring your smile and beloved with you, the remainder will be done by Venice’s timeless beauty seen from the gondola.

This Venice Gondola Ride gives you the opportunity to see Venice as it was supposed to be seen: from the water! At the meeting place, a member of our team will welcome you and assist you in boarding your gondola.

A relaxing gondola trip along Venice’s canals, with views of the captivating bridges and spectacular scenery that distinguishes Venice from any other city on the planet. These iconic boats exemplify classic Venetian design and are designed in accordance with centuries of tradition. The gondola trip, with a maximum of 6 people per cruise, is the best way to see Venice!

Departure Point

Calle larga de l’Ascension, 1256, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy

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