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Burano and Murano Half Day Tour from Venice. Enjoy a spectacular half-day trip from Venice to exciting Murano and Burano. Visit a Murano glass factory. With a small group of up to 20 people, take a fully guided day trip from Venice to the surrounding islands of Murano and Burano to learn about the nuances of two famous Italian handicrafts.

In Murano, you may see centuries-old glassblowing processes and marvel at the intricate threads of exquisite Burano lace. While visiting local workshops and wandering the scenic neighborhoods, your expert guide will discuss the history of these two artisan islands.


  • Explore the glass island of Murano and the fisherman island of Burano
  • Learn about the history of glassmaking in Murano
  • Get lost in the picturesque corners of Burano
  • Beautiful views of the Venetian Lagoon on the way to the islands

Burano and Murano Half Day Tour from Venice

Enjoy a half-day journey to explore the Venetian Lagoon’s wonders from Venice.

This is the correct chance for those who want to discover the Murano and Burano islands without rush, with enough moment to walk around the islands and get lost in their beauty and more concealed angles.Murano & Burano Islands Half Day Guided Tour by Private Boat

The tour will begin in the region of St. Mark’s Square where you will embark on a panoramic ship and head north of the lagoon. On the manner, there will be some explanations in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

Murano Island, renowned for its glass making and scenic views, will be the first stop. Here we’ll have the opportunity to visit a glass factory and watch a local artist shaping a glass piece of art. Continue to visit the glass factory and shop or go around the island for some free moment.

Just let Murano Island surprise you… But remember to return to the ship in time for the next highlight: the island of Burano.

The trip along the beauty of the lagoon will continue to one of the lagoon’s most lovely and peaceful islands: Burano Island.

This island is renowned for its colorful buildings and is home to a long tradition of lace manufacturing as well as being a paradise for photography enthusiasts.

There will be enough free time to walk around the island and enjoy the peaceful atmospheres that can still be discovered here.

We’ll catch our motorboat ride back to Venice with eyes complete with beauty and camera cards complete with memories to cherish.

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