Murano, Burano, and Torcello Small Group Tour from Venice

Book a small group tour to Murano, Burano, and Torcello. See where Murano glass and Burano lace are made. The best day trips from Venice. With this four hours tour, you will enjoy the visit of 3 famous islands around Venice: Murano, Burano and Torcello.

History and traditions, glass manufacturing, lace and ancient artifacts. Admire the traditional task of Murano glass, participate to a Glass factory show, take a stroll along the colorful island of Burano and explore the archaeological findings of Torcello!


  • See the Murano glassblowers
  • Glassblowing demonstration
  • Visit the island of Burano
  • Centuries-old tradition of lacemaking
  • A relaxing stop in Torcello, known for its peaceful atmosphere and gardens
  • Private, air-conditioned luxury boat, with prosecco on board!

Murano, Burano, and Torcello Small Group Tour from Venice

We will begin our trip with a brief and comfortable boat ride to Murano after meeting in a key place in Venice. On the manner, there’s a lot to see and your guide will maintain you entertained with a sights description. In no moment until we’re off the ship again, taking our first steps to lovely Murano, a tiny, world-famous island for its glass.

Once upon a moment, Murano glassblowers were the only individuals in Europe who knew how to build a mirror, and their abilities were so appreciated that they were forbidden to leave Venice under execution threat.

Since then, many things have altered, but the craft has remained the same, as you will know after our first stop–a workshop wealthy in history for a glassblower.

Venice Islands: Murano, Burano, Torcello with Glass Factory Show - Private Tour

Watch a craftsman in practice as he conducts his daily company and listen to a description of the method in English while working–what’s the color of the glass? How does glass turn into silica sand? Which portion of his work is the hardest? This is a true workaday studio and it’s going to be as genuine as our experience here.

You will also have access to the personal Art Galleries, which belong to the glass factory and are closed to the general public, only on this trip. Here you will have the opportunity to see on display some truly spectacular works of art made by the most famous and skilled artists. This is a truly amazing room that will finish your exploration through the art of blowing glass.

Then you’ll have time here to browse the enormous collection of glass art and wander the island alone. We’re not taking commission because we’d rather pass on those savings to you, so shop with a discount here.

Tightly huddled along roads and canals, each is painted in a distinct color, with laundry stretching across the tight streets. Legend has it that fishermen began this trend, painting their homes in bright colors so that from a distance they could see their homes. But the biggest claim to fame by Burano is its centuries-old lace-making tradition.
Murano, Burano & Torcello Islands Full-Day Tour
Your guide will bring you through Burano’s streets to a tiny house where females are feverishly sitting, stitching lace before them like their mothers and grandmothers.

Stay watching their painstaking job, listening to a complete commentary on what has become a dying art in the era of sewing machines, and then taking the moment to explore the intriguing samples of lace on display. He purchased an altarpiece for the brand fresh Duomo in Milan when Michelangelo visited Burano.

You can take a leaf out of his book and pick up your own stuff or spend your free time winding your way through the kaleidoscopic streets, sampling delicious cookies in local bakeries.

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Murano island, originally known as Amuranium, became prosperous and reached its splendor during the 16th century. It is world-famous for its glass since 1291. Here, you will participate to a Glass Factory show.


Burano island is well known for its lace-making and colorful charming houses. It has an ancient tradition of the art of “Merletto” that has flourished on the island since the 16th century.

Torcello Island

Torcello island is famous for being the first Venetian settlement. The island’s name seems to derive from Turricellum (the small tower constructed in memory of the lost Patria).


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