Best of Venice Walking Tour with St. Mark’s Basilica and Gondola Ride

This Venice walking tour is perfect for visitors with only a limited time in Venice or for those who want to get the main sights done. On this half-day tour of Venice, you’ll stroll the city’s streets and squares, ride a gondola across the Bridge of Sighs, explore the Doge’s Palace and its dungeons, and see St. Mark’s Basilica. Tintoretto and Titian are among the artists you’ll learn about from your guide, as is the significance of St. Mark’s Basilica in Venetian history. You’ll have plenty of time to talk with your fellow travelers if your group size is limited to no more than 12 people.


Best of Venice Walking Tour with St. Mark’s Basilica and Gondola Ride

Our Best of Venice Tour with Gondola Ride displays from two completely distinct angles the grandeur and mysticism of this once-powerful maritime republic.

Meet in the town middle with your local specialist to explore the town on foot. As you twist around the winding back roads, paved courtyards, and tiny arched bridges, your specialist guide will delight you with stories of the colorful past of Venice. You will find out why the town was constructed on a lagoon, how it became a significant trading center, and what events conspired to end its dominance over much of the Mediterranean.

Best of Venice tour with Gondola ride, St Mark cathedral and Doge’s palace visit

You’re going to walk through the house of Marco Polo and hear about how one day the Venetian merchant left for sea and returned with stories of Eastern territories that few had ever seen in those days.

You will walk through the church and palace-lined squares of Campo SS Giovanni e Paolo and Campo Santa Maria Formosa, where Byzantine, Renaissance, and contemporary components combine the city’s timeless portraits. We will also glimpse the fabled Sighs Bridge, said to be named after the sighing inmates as they were escorted to the neighboring prison cells across the canal.

Next, our representative will accompany you with a local gondolier to the Gondola Station, where we will start our 30-minute waterway gondola trip. We will begin at the Grand Canal, Venice’s primary thoroughfare. Next, we’re going to veer off the quieter canals, floating even more iconic sights past. Views of the stunning Fenice Opera House and Theater, the magnificent San Moise Church, and the Gothic Bauer Palace will be enjoyed.

With group sizes restricted to 24 or fewer individuals and headsets supplied, respondents will discover it simple to communicate with their guide as well as hearing. Join us on this intriguing two-way trip, showing you the best of both land and water in the Floating City.

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