Best tours of Vienna

Vienna has many attractions and landmarks to be visited and if you’re doing it on your own it might be overwhelming at some point. We compiled list of best tours of Vienna which you can utilize to organize your visit to attractions and landmarks throughout the city. We divided them by type such as walking tours, bike tours, museum tours, etc, so you can choose any of them as your preference. All the links to the tours are provided as is and they’re leading you to the tours provider. We do not place any extra charge on the links provided.

Walking tours

Vienna is not that big of a city and most of the central areas are within a walking distance. 1st, 2nd and 3rd districts are in a very center of the town and reachable on foot. There are plenty of attractions and landmarks within those districts. Here are some recommendations of guided walking tours for Vienna with good reviews and professional guides.

We have included walking tour of Vienna Central Cemetery, which is a bit further, but it is very popular tour and an amazing experience.

Bike tours

For those of you who like to have a healthy life and still be active while on vacation we highly recommend bike tours of Vienna. Vienna is very bike friendly and it’s easy to navigate through its streets and especially in a city center. You can enjoy sites and landmarks of Vienna with a guided tour while following your guides on a bike cycling and learning about the city. These are some bike tours which we recommend and that have good ratings by the customers.

Hop-on hop-off tours

Riding on a hop-on hop-off bus throughout the city became standard tourist attraction in most of world capitals and it is the case with Vienna as well. There are several hop-on, hop-off bus lines which will take you around the city and pass by many famous landmarks. The advantage of hop-on, hop-off bus tour is that you’ll be able to quickly go around city, learn about many landmarks and attractions and get off at your own convenience and visit attractions of your preference. Depending on your time and budget, you could get 24 hours or 48 hours ticket so you can visit many attractions throughout the city. Here are recommended hop-on, hop-off tours of Vienna.

Museum tours

Visiting museums in Vienna is one of the top activities of tourists from around the world. We offer several options for visiting museums such as tickets, guided tours and special packages for visiting of several museums. Please browse through the offers and choose what is most suitable for you.

Music concerts

Vienna is a city of music and visiting or attending any of the classic music concerts is a must. There’s no shortage of venues that have live classic music and performances throughout the year. Depending on your preferences and your budget, you can attend small concerts or some gala presentations in the state opera or in some exclusive venue. Here are some recommendations of concerts events provided by our partners.

Wine tours

For wine lovers we have a several tours to visit Vienna wineries, learn about their history. taste local wines and enjoy their stay in Vienna on another level.

Foodie tours

For food lovers we have several tours with choice of local foods, wine, beer and dessert’s which will combine your appetite for food with your appetite for learning about this wonderful city. Depending on your budget we have a several tours that offer from light snacks to the full course dinner or lunch in eateries and restaurants in Vienna.


Vienna has developed water traffic on the Danube and they’re regular ferries and boats transporting people alongside the river. There’s also daily trip to Bratislava in Slovakia which is very popular. Apart from transport part there are cruises which offer drinks, lunch, snacks or dinner, so you can enjoy a meal in a very nice atmosphere while cruising through Danube. Here are some recommended cruises from our providers.

Carriage rides

Nostalgic carriage ride through Vienna old town is a unique experience and it’s suitable for for people of any age. You’ll be travelling through the city in a way that people from past times were going around while driver will tell stories of famous areas of Vienna. This ride is suitable for couples for families for group of friends everybody can enjoy this really unique experience. There are also carriage rides in Prater and Sch√∂nbrunn Palace.

Christmas tours

Christmas markets run in Vienna during the months of November and December and they’re famous in Europe and around the world. You can go around and look for a nice souvenirs, Christmas presents and gifts, have a glass of mulled wine and some Christmas desserts and learn about many historical things about Vienna. There are several options for visiting Christmas markets from few to several, depending on your time availability and tour you select. Here are recommended Christmas market tours.

Free walking tour

If you are out of budget for paid tours we can recommend you free walking through Vienna which is provided by the agency which doesn’t charge tickets but as a courtesy they expect for its guide to be tipped. This is absolutely up to you how much you want to tip – if you’re happy with your guided tour you can tip more or not, it’s absolutely your decision. You can go to the website and check for yourself and book your free tour of Vienna.

Free walking tour of Vienna.

Best tours of Vienna - museums


We compiled best tours of Vienna for you, based on overall customer satisfaction and reviews, but there are dozens more to explore. Please click link below to explore more. We will include also day trips outside of Vienna, to explore surroundings and neighboring cities.

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