Blumenau Tour from Florianopolis

Journey with us on a Brazil day trip from Florianapolis to Blumenau. Stroll through Bluemenau’s quaint streets with a local guide during this 10-hour tour from Florianópolis. Learn about how the city was originally colonized by the Germans and see the resultant European-inspired architecture. Stop by the local craft market to buy handmade crafts, taste some Bavarian food and listen to the mixture of German and Portuguese languages in the air around you. Round-trip transportation from most Florianópolis hotels is included.


  • Visit the charming little city of Blumenau.
  • Historical City Center
  • German Gastronomy
  • German Architecture
  • Handicrafts Market

Blumenau Tour from Florianopolis


Blumenau City Tour from Florianópolis

Visit the charming little city of Blumenau. As you walk these streets, you will be taken to Europe as this German colonized city craved in the south of Brazil is very true to the culture of the country where its founding fathers were born.

Everything down to every detail is German, except for the language which is still Portuguese, but many people do speak German. The gastronomy is Bavarian, the Architecture is Tudor the majority of the locals are blonde with blue eyes and even the lederhosen is used in local festivities.

While you are in Blumenau you’ll be able to let all that culture sink in while you observe the gorgeous German buildings in town. You’ll be allowed some time to buy local handmade goods.

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Alameda Duque de Caxias

Also known as Palmeiras Avenue, was the first planned street in the colony. The first imperial palms, brought from Rio de Janeiro, were planted in the center of the avenue, in 1876.

Museu da Familia Colonial

This cultural space preserves a collection of 6,200 pieces. They belong to the founder of Blumenau, colonizers and their families. Historical and well-maintained furniture, clothing, accessories, household items and machinery. At the back of the Museum complex is the forest garden, where you can still find trees planted by the city’s founder and the Cemetery of the Cats.

Cemitério dos Gatos Edith Gaerthner

You will get to know the Cemetery of the cats, made by the great-niece of the city’s founder Hermann Bruno Otto Blumenau (1819-99), Edith. She had great affection for cats. When they died, the cats were buried with the right to funeral procession. Over time, the place became a tourist attraction and the subject of national news programs.

Blumenau City Hall

Soon after, a panoramic tour with a 15-minute stop is made for photos at the City Hall.

Vila Germanica Park

After, a visit to the Vila Germanic Park, location of the Oktoberfest and major events in Blumenau. In this place there are shops selling souvenirs from the events and other Germanic themes, as well as bars and cafeteria. Tourists will have plenty of time to explore the village.

Ataliba Churrascaria

During the tour there will be free time for purchases of knitwear, liquors and handicrafts. Lunch, not included, is suggested at the Ataliba Steakhouse. Enjoy some time to buy local handmade goods before a convenient ride back to your hotel.

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