Best time to visit Vienna

When is the best time to visit Vienna? Vienna is a city that can offer you something all year around, just look at the list of events in our other article here (and we only listed top events, there are plenty more). However, if you consider weather, how crowded are main attractions, price of airline tickets and accommodation and other elements, decision on when to visit might be influenced by those factors.


Weather in Vienna can be harsh during winter or in late autumn, with low temperatures, icy rain and snow and if you prefer nicer weather, we recommend springtime, especially April-June or early autumn (September-mid October). Summers can be hot and crowded with tourists for attractions, but if you would like to spend warm days for recreation, then Vienna is great. Also, if you like romantic ride in a horse drawn carriage, maybe warmer weather is better for you 🙂
Vienna Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour w/ Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

Cheaper flights

To get cheapest plane tickets for Vienna you need to know peak season for flying. The peak season for flights to Vienna is July, August and December, which will make tickets more expensive both to and from Vienna. The low season for purchasing tickets is January, February and March. Any month in between these two seasons has an average price.

Accommodation prices

Prices in classic hotels don’t vary too much and you might not get big discounts in off seasons, but with the private option, such as AirBnB or agencies, you might get good deals in the non-peak times. Please note that off season offers for AirBnB or agencies might be limited as many people rent their apartment or houses only during peak season and preferable location might not be available.

Most and least crowded time in Vienna

Vienna is packed with tourists during summer (June-August) and during Christmas (and balls) season in December (and early January). If you prefer to visit museums and other attractions without long waiting times, this is not the time of the year we recommend.

Vienna is least crowded in off season, February-March or October-November. There are very few tourists then, but weather is not the best. January and February are quite cold, but you can also enjoy skating at the ice rinks.

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These are various factors that might determine when will be the best time to visit Vienna based on your preferences. But, even if you ignore the recommendations, we are sure you will be having great time whenever you come visit!

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