Why Winter City Breaks Are Best

Why Winter City Breaks Are Best

A city break is a short holiday, such as a weekend, spent in a city. Transportation and hotel accommodations are usually included, as city breaks are a package deal. Travelers choose one city they want to spend time in and make the arrangements accordingly. In winter, city breaks are especially attractive. Here are some reasons why.

1. Lower Rates

From airfare to hotels, you will find lower prices in the winter. Entire packages are much cheaper, even all-inclusive ones. Even some luxury hotels offer lower rates in the wintertime. Attractions, such as museums, art galleries might offer special offers in the winter when there are fewer visitors as well.4-Day Geneva City Break with Chamonix Mont-Blanc

2. Fewer Crowds

Winter is not the typical vacation time for most people. You will find admission to museums and even popular tourist attractions to be easier and faster due to the lack of long lines. You can enjoy viewing works of art, taking hikes, riding public transit, shopping, or whatever your favorite activities are without crowded conditions. This opens up possibilities that might not be open otherwise – how many times have you decided not to do something because of crowds or long lines?
4-Day Berlin City Break with Day Trip to Potsdam

3. The Winter “Blahs”

City breaks are just the thing for a winter getaway. Depending on where you live, winter can get very long, cold, and grey. Even visiting cities with similar weather gets you out of the house and into a fresh and new environment. If you take a city break in a tropical location or other warm areas of the world, winter is the perfect time to enjoy the sun and heat.

Here are some of the more popular destinations for winter city breaks.

London, UK

Yes, it’s definitely chilly and grey, but it’s also a very historic and romantic place. And it is also popular for winter city breaks precisely because it is not popular as a vacation spot during the winter! Many Londoners leave their native city to take holidays elsewhere during the winter. One of the keys to enjoying winter city breaks is picking places that are not likely to be frequented by vacationers at the time.
Afternoon London Bus Tour, Thames River Cruise, and Cream Tea at Harrods

Admire the city’s numerous renowned structures and palaces, immerse yourself in the culture at one of the city’s 170 museums, and unwind in the Royal Parks’ natural splendor.

Take a ride on the London Eye to obtain a unique perspective on classic London monuments like Big Ben, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, and the Hungerford Bridge, as well as stunning views of the city’s skyline.

Prague, Czech Republic

If you long for a white Christmas or just some magical snowy scenery, Prague is for you. There is sure to be snow and the views are lovely in Prague. This city is straight from a fairytale, with its spires, churches, and hilltop castle.
Prague City Tour with Vltava River Cruise

Prague is known as the “city of a thousand spires” for a reason: as you look over the city’s 1,100-year-old skyline, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular vistas of magnificent domed churches and soaring medieval towers, combining to make Prague one of the world’s architectural masterpieces. Fine examples of Gothic, Baroque, Renaissance and Art Nouveau architecture may be seen all around the city, presenting a striking contrast to the solid old Prague Castle.

The narrow laneways of Prague’s delightful Old Town open up onto spectacular squares, each home to well-preserved historical buildings just waiting to be explored. With one of Europe’s best-preserved historic city centers, the narrow laneways of Prague’s delightful Old Town open up onto spectacular squares, each home to well-preserved historical buildings just waiting to be explored. The iconic Charles Bridge over the Vltava River, the magnificent Jewish Quarter with its old synagogues, and, of course, the city’s many historic churches are also must-sees.

Stockholm, Sweden

This is a fantastic winter destination for ice skaters. How about a romantic city break with lots of night skating? The city has beautiful and historic architecture too.

It’s easy to see why Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, has earned the nickname “Venice of the North,” as it sprawls idyllically across a Baltic Sea archipelago of fourteen islands. It appears that water meets your eyes wherever you look.

Stockholm, which is located on Sweden’s southeast coast, experiences four distinct seasons. Summers are hot – occasionally scorching – and summer nights are rarely dark. Winters can be warm and rainy, or they can be bitterly cold and snowy. Autumn’s colors are magnificent in the city parks, and inhabitants welcome spring by wrapping themselves in blankets and drinking a drink at outdoor restaurants and cafés.

The city is easy to navigate by foot or public transportation, and each neighborhood has its own distinct atmosphere — the island of Södermalm has a laid-back vibe that attracts the creative set, while Stermalm exudes sophisticated elegance.

Venice, Italy

Warm and unique, Venice is a dramatic and romantic place for a city break. Spend a weekend touring the city and its beautiful architecture.
Enchanting Venice Walking Tour with Gondola Ride

Venice is an attractive city that has an intoxicating effect on visitors. It’s dreamy and romantic, with a hint of mystery and drama in the background. While Carnival occurs only once a year, its spirit is felt all year. Gondoliers sing to guests on their boats on the Grand Canal, which is the hub of activity.

Another must-see attraction is the majestic Piazza San Marco. Styled cafes and gelaterias, souvenir shops and small businesses, as well as Renaissance palaces and Gothic churches, may be found along the twisting alleyways. After climbing the Campanile and seeing the Gallerie dell’Accademia, take a stroll through the nearby neighborhoods, where inhabitants eat Cicchetti and sip wine in unpretentious bars and eateries.

To wrap it up…

Other popular destinations for winter city breaks include New York City and Paris, France. There are still others – look into popular tourist sites for winter deals, or choose out-of-the-way, little-known cities for a unique vacation.