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Fatima Half Day Trip from Lisbon

Fatima Half Day Trip from Lisbon
Fatima Half Day Trip from Lisbon

Join us for a half day Fatima tour from Lisbon visiting the Sanctuary of Fatima and the Little Shepherds House. The best Lisbon day trips.

Fatima Half Day Trip from Lisbon

Lisbon – Fatima – Sanctuary of Fatima – Home of the Three Shepherds – Lisbon
This tour is exclusively dedicated to the region of Fatima and its most emblematic places. When we reach Fatima you can visit the Sanctuary grounds, a place of great symbolism. It was here that the figure of Our Lady presented herself to the Three Shepherds to communicate a set of revelations.

In Fatima there is much to see, namely the Chapel of the Apparitions marking the most precise place where the events above took place. Today, the Sanctuary has become an impressive place of faith. It is virtually impossible to remain indifferent to the energy that hangs in the air, even for non-believers. There are two basilicas here: Our Lady of the Rosary, made of stone and marble in neo-baroque style, and The Holy Trinity Basilica, the fourth largest Catholic church in the world in terms of capacity.

In addition to these sites at opposite points of the Sanctuary, you will have time to observe other places, such as the home of the Three Shepherds (Francisco and Jacinta Marto’s house and Lucia’s house), in the town of Aljustrel. In this space, we can find a faithful reconstruction of scenes from other times using old objects such as family photographs, clothes, kitchen utensils, furniture, among others. A unique tour through the faith and history of one of the most famous places in Portugal …

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Lisbon is Portugal’s coastal capital, also known as ‘the city of seven hills’. This is actually inaccurate, as Lisbon is sitting on eight hills (the eighth one being the tallest – Graça). But, don’t worry, a discrepancy in number of hills will definitely not affect your visit to this wonderful city.

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Portugal is a small European country on the Atlantic Ocean, sharing Iberian Peninsula with Spain. The country’s position at the sea has shaped its past and present and will inevitably shape its future. Portugal was major maritime power during 16th to 19th century and this has left deep impact into its culture and history.

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