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Portugal is a small European country on the Atlantic Ocean, sharing Iberian Peninsula with Spain. The country’s position at the sea has shaped its past and present and will inevitably shape its future. Portugal was major maritime power during 16th to 19th century and this has left deep impact into its culture and history. Overseas colonization did not only bring Portuguese language and culture to distant countries, but brought other cultures back to Portugal, which made it richer and unique.

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Before Portugal became empire, between 8th and 12th century, it was influenced by Muslim culture, bringing to the area specific, Moorish style.

Throughout Portugal, from Lisbon to Porto, many landmarks testify about culture mixing and glorious past, whether it is Castle of the Moors in Sintra or Palácio da Bolsa in Porto.

Additional to the mainland, Portugal also have Azores islands and archipelago of Berlengas with high mountains of Madeira.

Position at the sea and great climate also influences quality of local food and wine, which is yet another reason to visit Portugal.

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