Versailles Palace and Gardens Half Day Tour from Paris

What to do in Paris? Explore Versailles Palace and Gardens on a guided half day trip from Paris to Versailles. The best Paris tours and activities.

• Discover the Palace and Gardens of Versailles!
• Stand in awe as you take in this 700-room palace
• See France at its most luxurious as you walk through the palace’s myriad quarters
• Be dazzled by the 1,800 acre Gardens of Versailles

Versailles Palace and Gardens Half Day Tour from Paris

There is some magic in the air at the Versailles Palace and Gardens. This magnificent European castle on the outskirts of Paris, hidden from the modern world, is a completely conserved illustration of the French monarchy’s reckless extravagance. This is the most luxurious life in Paris, just as you envisioned it with golden furniture, luxurious four-poster beds and beautiful rolling lawns stretching as far as the eye can see.

Your tour of Versailles will be intimate, unhurried and pleasant with a maximum of 20 individuals per group. Your English-speaking guide will meet you through the Gardens and Palace in Versailles. We’re going to skip the line via pre-booked Versailles entrance and your guide will take you from one wonderful space to the next, pointing out where Louis XIV tormented his friends and family with lengthy, boring ceremonies and where Marie Antoinette ate her cake.

Marvel at the sheer size of Versailles Palace, with a whopping 700 rooms, one of the biggest and most gorgeous palaces in the globe. Peruse its incredible array of fine art and the intricate design of its 1,250 fireplaces as you work your way through the highlights of the castle including the apartments of the King and Queen, the Chapel, the Coronation Room, the Mirror Hall and the Abundance Salon, how many residences can one boast? This list of rooms your guide will demonstrate you going on and on, each going from the Peace Room to the Queen’s bedchamber, a completely distinct and unique experience.

Relax and think about your luxury day as we head back to Paris and the true world. All nice things must come to an end, as the saying goes.

Sites Visited

The sites visited include but are not limited to the King and Queen’s apartments, the Chapel, the 17th c. galleries and the Hall of Mirrors, Hercules Drawing Room, Salon of Abundance, Venus Room, Diana Room (with a bust of Louis XIV by Bernini), Mars Room, Mercury Room, Apollo Room, War Room, Peace Room, King’s bedroom, Queen’s bedchamber, Salon of the Nobles, Coronation Room, Royal Chapel, Hall of Mirrors.

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