Tokyo Imperial Palace


Tokyo Imperial Palace, Chiyoda, Chiyoda City


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Tokyo Imperial Palace, Chiyoda, Chiyoda City


35.68767545, 139.76580855335



Tokyo Imperial Palace is situated on the former site of Edo Castle, a large park area in the center of Tokyo, surrounded by moats and massive stone walls, a short walk from Tokyo Station.

Quick facts

  • Name: Tokyo Imperial Palace
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Type of attraction: Architectural/Palace
  • Built: 1888
  • Ticket price: Free

The address of Tokyo Imperial Palace is 1-1 Chiyoda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 100-8111

It is Japan’s Imperial Family’s home. Edo Castle was once the residence of the shogun of Tokugawa who ruled Japan from 1603 to 1867. The shogunate was overthrown in 1868, transferring the capital of the nation and Imperial Residence from Kyoto to Tokyo.

Tokyo Imperial Palace Historical Virtual Tour

Building a new Imperial Palace was completed in 1888. Throughout World War Two, the palace was once demolished and then restored in the same style.

Visitors can see the Nijubashi, two bridges that form an entrance to the inner palace grounds, from Kokyo Gaien, the wide plaza in front of the Imperial Palace. Meganebashi (Eyeglass Bridge) is the name given to the stone bridge in front because of its appearance. The Nijubashi (Double Bridge) name comes from the fact that the bridge in the back used to be a two-level wooden bridge.

The palace’s inner grounds are normally closed to the public. Visitors can only access the inner palace grounds on January 2 (New Year’s Greeting) and February 23 (Emperor’s Birthday) to see members of the Imperial Family who make several public appearances on a balcony.

Guided tours of the palace grounds are offered during the rest of the year, although no buildings are entered. The tours take about 75 minutes and are held in English and Japanese daily at 10:00 and 13:30 except on Sundays and Mondays.

Adjacent to the inner grounds of the palace are the Imperial Palace East Gardens which are open to the public throughout the year.

Interesting facts about Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo Imperial Palace Tour with Nationally-Licensed Guide

Here are some interesting facts about this impressive landmark:

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