Temple of the Golden Buddha

The 5.5-tonne statue of a seated Buddha is housed at Temple of the Golden Buddha (Wat Traimit) in Bangkok, Thailand. The gold sculpture, which stands about 5 meters tall, dates from the 13th century. This magnificent temple is around 450 meters west of the Hualampong Railway Station in Chinatown Bangkok.

The pure gold Sukhothai-style Buddha figure was previously covered in plaster, but after movers dropped it, the original façade was revealed. At the temple, pieces of the plaster are still on show.

Wat Traimit Bangkok Thailand

On the third floor of Wat Traimit, there is a museum where you may learn about the Golden Buddha’s history. A video presentation presents a brief history of Buddha representations, followed by the complete tale of the temple’s sculpture. The historical history of how Wat Traimit came to be is also covered in the exhibits. Three-dimensional presentations chronicling the history of Chinese traders in Bangkok may be seen on the second floor.

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