Skip-the-line Natural History Museum of London – Private Guided Tour

The Natural History Museum in London, with its eight million exhibits spread across four zones, makes it difficult for visitors to focus on the most important ones on their own without advance planning. Make the most of your visit by booking a personalized guided tour, which will keep you focused on the museum’s most important exhibits and spare you time wandering aimlessly. Having a private tour also means you’ll hear the tales behind the exhibits in full, discovering secrets and details you might otherwise have missed.


  • Take a private tour of the Natural History Museum in London and see the highlights.
  • Get more information faster by avoiding unnecessary travel. guiding service to show you the must-sees and tell you about them
  • Discover unusual plants, fossils, cursed diamonds, and a dinosaur skeleton in this museum.
  • You can pick your own departure time to suit your needs.

Skip-the-line Natural History Museum of London – Private Guided Tour

Skip-the-line Natural History Museum of London Guided Tour - Private Tour

With the help of your tour guide, you’ll learn about Earth’s amazing history, from its formation and volcanic eruptions to the extinction of the dinosaurs and the emergence of modern mankind, over thousands of years.

You’ll see the elusive Archaeopteryx, a link between dinosaurs and birds that’s been lost to time. Sophie the Stegosaurus and the long-dead Dodo’s skeleton will be introduced to you during your journey.

Investigate the castings of Pompeii’s victims and learn why some societies once used human skulls as drinking cups. Gaze in awe at a Giant Sequoia’s massive trunk while learning about the fascinating stories behind these world-renowned specimens.

You’ll only view a fraction of the museum’s incredible collection during this tour, but you’ll get to see some of the most eye-opening items.

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