Monet House and Gardens Guided Tour from Paris

Half-day trip from Paris to visit the house and magnificent Claude Monet House and Gardens. The best Monet garden tour from Paris.


  • Explore Monet house and studio
  • Visit Clos Normand Garden
  • Visit the Japanese Water Garden
  • The best day tour from Paris

Monet House and Gardens Guided Tour from Paris

This half-day trip from Paris will bring you to Giverny to visit the renowned Impressionist painter Claude Monet’s house and gardens.

Immerse yourself in the globe of this highly skilled painter, renowned for his landscape canvases and countless artworks portraying his gardens, such as “Water Lilies,” “Japanese Bridge” and “The Irises.” You’ll also visit the lovely water lily pond with its color game and the iconic Japanese-inspired bridge of Monet. Learn about the daily lives of the artist by visiting an official guide to his home and studio.

Giverny Private Half-Day Trip including Claude Monet' Gardens & House from Paris

For this unique excursion, we will leave Central Paris in the footsteps of impressionist painter Claude Monet. Admire the lush green landscape of the French countryside as you travel to the tiny Normandy village of Giverny by luxury air-conditioned coach. The journey will take about an hour and a half. From 1883 to his death in 1926, the painter and gardener Claude Monet lived there for 43 years, together with his family of eight children.

Passionate about the differences in gardening and color, he intended his flower garden, fruit tree orchard, and water garden as if they were artworks. As you visit Giverny’s gardens, you’ll see the central path leading up to the house, bordered by various varieties of nasturtia and roses, as well as the multicolored flower beds full of tulips, narcissi, daffodils, irises, and peonies. Walk through the Clos Normand Flower Garden, home to many Eastern plants, until you reach the sumptuous water garden, so famous for its water lilies, weeping willows, and green-painted Japanese Bridge. Be captivated by the distinctive atmosphere of Giverny, it’s light, and the reflection on the water of the clouds.

Take advantage of the village and the beautiful gift and book shop at the end of your visit. It is housed in what used to be the studio where Monet painted the enormous canvases of Water Lilies. It extends over 3,200 square feet! The store provides a broad variety of products related to the job of the Impressionist, including postcards, posters, teas, books, official tableware from Claude Monet, flower seeds, and plants.

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