Royal Edinburgh Tour with Holyrood Palace

What to do in Edinburgh? Join a local expert on a guided Royal Edinburgh Tour walking tour, then deep dive into the history of the royals at Holyrood Palace.


  • Journey through the ancient, picturesque burgh of the Canongate
  • Meander through beautiful, hidden closes and gardens
  • Explore Holyrood Palace, Her Majesty The Queen’s official residence in Scotland
  • Hear tales of past royal residents including Mary, Queen of Scots

Royal Edinburgh Tour w/ Holyrood Palace

Traverse the royal path, past and present-and let your expert guide unlock the history of this ancient powerhouse. Uncover the Canongate’s hidden history, and the magnificent Holyrood Palace.

Discover a palace approach which escapes the history books and bus tours note. Your expert guide will show you a different side of the royal city as you walk down the quiet closes of the Canongate-in beautiful, engaging detail!

Edinburgh Royal History Walking Tour with Optional Palace of Holyrood House Admission

Here the defiant Jacobites, led by a triumphant Bonnie Prince Charlie, clattered over the cobbles. And Deacon Brodie, immortalized by Robert Louis Stevenson, lived his dual life as a locksmith and thief. You’ll find that suspense and mystery are everywhere in the possession of your talented storyteller-in art, literature, crime and politics, right on the Queen’s Palace’s doorstep.

Your guide will introduce the glorious Holyrood Palace after the Canongate-that you’ll explore in your own time. There are 14 splendid state buildings, as well as the charming ruins of the Holyrood Abbey from the 12th century.

The palace was the setting for many dramatic scenes in Elizabeth, Queen of Scots ‘ short reign-and Her Majesty The Queen is still making use of State Apartments for royal ceremonies.

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