Beach town Nazaré is one of the top ‘Costa de Prata‘ destinations on the Portuguese coast (Silver Coast). The Stioheadland looms large over the town, which is situated on a wide sandy bay. In the past, the Nazaré fishing fleet relied on this headland to keep their boats safely moored on the beach and away from the wrath of the Atlantic Ocean.

Despite its burgeoning popularity as a tourist hotspot, Nazaré has managed to hold on to its small-town charm and proud heritage. Beachfront cobblestone streets still exist, traditional fishermen’s houses have been transformed into swanky hotels, and the elderly continue to dress in traditional garb.

Visitors flock to Nazare during the summer months because of its beautiful beach and relaxing vacation vibe. Daredevil surfers flock to the Praia do Norte beach in the winter to ride the huge waves that break there, on the other hand.

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