Heroes’ Square

Heroes’ Square (Hsök tere) is a major square in Budapest, Hungary. It is known for its famous statue complex, which includes the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars and other prominent Hungarian national figures, as well as the Memorial Stone of Heroes, which is often mistakenly referred to as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The monument was constructed to commemorate the 1896 Millennium Celebrations, hence the name Millennium Monument.

Hungary commemorated the 1000th anniversary of its forefathers’ discovery of a suitable location in the Carpathian Basin. Every aspect of the memorial pays homage to pivotal moments in Hungary’s history.

At the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris, the memorial took first place. The monument was completed in 1929, and the square was given its name at the same time.

Heroes Square Budapest

The Millennium Monument, along with Andrásy Avenue, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002.

The 36-meter-tall Corinthian column, topped by Archangel Gabriel bearing St. Stephen’s Crown, dominates the square. In his dream, Gabriel appeared to St. Stephen and offered him the throne of Hungary, according to legend.

King Stephen received a crown from Pope Sylvester II, recognizing Hungary and King Stephen as defenders of Christianity. The Holy Crown is on display in Budapest Parliament today.

The column is encircled by equestrian statues of the chieftains of the seven Magyar (Hungarian) tribes. About 896 AD, seven tribes led by rpád arrived in the Carpathian Basin to see if the region was suitable for settling down.

The column is surrounded by a semi-circled colonnade with statues of Hungarian kings and heroes.

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